Ok thrall pet wont listen

Ok, i tamed 2 panther cubs 1 greater n 1 regular, i lvled up the greater a couple times logged out, n a few hours later logged back in, no matter what settongs i use if i move my greater panther to guard a new area he instantly appears in new area but moves right back to old guard area, i tell him to follow ge stats put, i tell him to move here, he mices there but instantly turns around and moves back to okd guard area. What is going on?!,!

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It happens from times to times, it’s true. You place your thrall or pet, after following you in a guarding spot and it starts running alone to another :rofl::man_facepalming:.
Leave it as it is. Go someplace else, do something else and when you’ll return probably , you will find your thrall-pet guarding on the spot that you tried to place them.

Don’t use the “follow stop following” trick to change positions on your thralls, or to place them closer, because the things become more confusing.

It’s most likely because you used the stop command (either by accident or on purpose). To clear the stop command just use the return command (triple tap your command button). Although I only play on PC, so if you don’t have a double/triple tap function on Xbox you will have to figure out what your return command button is.

Are you able to say where you are placing them?

We had the same problem in the big ice cave at Ice Spire Chasm. There are also some places in the volcano where you can’t place thralls at all even on your buildings just a short location away from where other thralls are placed.

I have even found locations on noob river where building stability always drops to 0 for no reason so the problem that you have is most likely something to do with the location rather than the thrall.

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