Please fix Thrall/pet distancing

Is there any way to fix the follow distance for thralls and pets? I went this weekend to look at a guy’s place and ended up stuck in a single block porch area because my pets and thrall were blocking the doorway behind me. I couldn’t order them to move, couldn’t place them elsewhere as I was within someone’s claimed land, and I couldn’t even push past them. I eventually had to wait and let my character die of thirst. Luckily I had my spawn point nearby and could just run back, place them a bit away and reclaim my stuff. But if I had been on an excursion that would have been a very long trek. Other than that issue, I like that I can use my horse and have a thrall following, that I can now tell my thrall to move, or attack a specific target. I would include a photo but for some reason, despite being a member of this forum since like November 2019, I am still listed as a new member and am unable to upload a screenshot of the issue.


You have to spend x amount of time reading posts interacting to prove your not a bot @Zhurgan

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No matter how old you think you are ,the think that happen to you proves that you are a player that didn’t spend a lot of time on this game . Please take no offense . Though the order move is added to the game , sometimes it might not work ,so I suggest you to take the hint that @Wak4863 gave some time ago . Carry a katana with you so if you get blocked by your follower you perform heavy attack and you pass through your follower . No more blockings , no frustration , no worries :wink: .

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