Follow distance 100% doesn't work

Haven’t done much yet, but first thing I tried was setting a thrall and then a pet to a longer follow distance. Even at 50 meters the thrall is close enough I could reach out and touch her and the Rhino has his horn up my ■■■… so ya not working at all.

Edit: Forget that, chase is agro distance NOT follow distance. But seriously, why was follow not updated??? Really sick of Rhino horn enemas.


I only played around with the mount + follower for a few minutes. But you are right they are right up your ■■■ and if there not doing that there not following you at all and the automated teleport needs to kick in. lol

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They had the same issue with the Camel following you like a year ago. This was in the test server for a while why does the most obvious problems always get to the production servers???

centuar funny

do you feel like this now while harvesting?

The pets follow so close that my hyena pet was pushing me along while trying to get closer. Also to add, it makes it hard to issue the attack command while they are so close because you end up opening their inventory instead.

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