FOLLOW DISTANCE. Seiously can't be more clear about this

Why is it that the follow distance isn’t a setting or increased? I’m sorry, but there is no way possible that no one on the dev team played this game with the latest update while it was in testing (or when the animals were first added) and didn’t notice that the animals follow way to freaking close.

I am beyond frustrated with this. You have distance for agro and distance for how far they’ll chase an enemy. WHERE IS FOLLOW DISTANCE??? I’m so sick of getting a horse, rhino, or any other animal trying to hump me while I’m trying to fight. There’s zero reason this was overlooked and just goes on the list of stupid little things that are broken about this game that the devs can’t seem to figure out.


Yeah… this was a very serious oversight… I don’t know how they can add all this customization and not give us the ability to set follow distance. Not to mention you can’t use any settings at all for your horse because they don’t fight now.


So you’re proposing something similar to what ARK has? Where you can set a followers follow distance between 5 settings, which are;
Highest (Furthest)
Lowest (Basically right on top of you, no idea who would use this setting.)

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Ugh, seriously. This patch needs to go back in the oven till its done. I grabbed my thrall, hopped on my horse and head out to the club… er, to do some clubbing. I get to where I’m going, hop off my horse near my first target. My thrall catches up to me by teleporting into me. I cannot move off the spot because I have become one with them. They really teleported INTO me. Now the hostile is approaching us. No problem, I’ll order my thrall to attack them and maybe that will get us unstuck… OH FFS I’M IN MR. HORSE’S INVENTORY SCREEN NOW. He is so close I suspect he wants to make it a threesome. :open_mouth: Dodge rolling granted us a divorce, but seriously.

I had high hopes that with a month and 4 revisions on testlive this would be a somewhat smoother patch day than normal. And there are other issues going on as well.

What the hell Funcom?

Thank you for the ‘dragging people on horses’ though, that worked flawlessly and was everything I hoped it would be. :heart:


We don’t need to be able to specify follower distance, just make them follow you 6-8 ft. away like before. The fact that I keep getting stuck between my followers and dying is insanely stupid. It’s absolutely ridiculous that this issue got through testing. I can’t chop wood or harvest ore without smacking my followers in the face now… it’s literally a game-breaking issue. Followers burn through their food instantly when every time I take a swing to harvest and it smacks my pet that runs up into my body. It’s a complete waste of food and some of this stuff takes quite a lot of materials and time to make so it makes me not want to put food on them at all.

Another serious issue is not being able to see my own followers health bars at all times. With one of the new settings, my bear literally died and there was nothing I could do about it. I didn’t even know he was still taking damage and can’t tell how much hp they have left unless I attack them myself.

The fact that you have to open the flywheel to choose options and then also click through a series of other options to tell your followers what to do, you don’t have time to screw with that when you’re getting attacked by 4-6 enemies and trying to get your follower to do something other than fight to the death while also getting attacked. It makes no sense whatsoever.

And while I’m on the topic, you should be able to see clanmates nameplates and health bars at all times as well.


I support this 100%, my follower is up my backside and getting me into trouble all the time.

Needs to be a feature.

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Same here. The followers should be closest at 5-6 feet or so. It’s annoying when you’re farming and they ‘nudge’ you. I’ve been sandwiched between a thrall and my horse, and it isn’t fun.

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Ehhh… I’m like 90% with you.
“you should be able to see clanmates nameplates and health bars at all times as well.”
Nameplates, while you’re looking at them, Health Bars when they take damage. Having it up all the time could be more than a little annoying, especially when it doesn’t need to be there.


Ok so it could be an option then so you’re not too annoyed by being able to see where people are at a distance.

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I tamed a horse and when I go to fight the horse is so close I can’t see who is attacking me.

Just here to add my 2 silvers. Follow distance has notably decreased with the latest patch. Even my human followers are right up my [censored] when I turn around, and the “teleport to catch up” feature frequently results in me being trapped halfway inside the thrall. Dodge roll sometimes works to extricate myself, jumping sometimes works…the only 100% way to get separated is for the thrall to move away on its own. Pets are also out of hand; my panther is far too interested in sniffing my butt, and has actually started shoving me from behind. Other people on my server are reporting trying to pick up loot & accidentally opening their pet’s inventory instead. Thankfully we’re on a PvE server, because everytime I use a tool on a corpse (skinning knife, cleaver, etc), I’m whacking my pet at the same time.

I don’t think that making follow distance manually controllable is the solution (though some might enjoy that level of micromanagement); I just think that having ones thralls/pets keep a respectful bit of social distancing by default would not be out of place.


I can voutch for the same thing, I’ve been killed because my thrall blocked me, I’ve been stuck inside my thrall, my thrall has also pushed me off the Black Galleon and I died with the fall damage… he shoved me aside to go attack an ennemy, and I was already right on the edge. Suicide by thrall.

A very VERY easy quick fix for all this, You know when you have a pet Alligator, for some reason you can walk clear through him, if hes yours…(your clans) but ennemys get blocked by em still… Can we have this on all pets/thralls? If its your Clans’ Pet / Thrall, it shouldn’t block you ever, only non-clan members & npcs.

Woudn’t fix the fact that accessing a menu when hes str8 in your face is kinda buggy… but… it would be a start…

I wouldn’t mind this either. It’s such a frustrating “feature” that it makes me want to quit playing. I just started playing a week ago and was considering purchasing all the DLC for the game, but after this patch and “fix” I won’t spend any more money because it’s near unplayable now in any end-game content.

Another thing that I’ve noticed now is that my human thralls are acting stupid and not attacking anymore after getting them a weapon upgrade. After doing research on these forums, and others, I find this happens with almost 100% certainty if you change from 1h to 2h or vice-versa. How does this bug still exist for more than 6 months past discovery? Stop bringing out new content until you fix the game-breaking bugs that already exist guys! I was telling all my friends that they need to come play and was discussing getting a server with some other friends but now I want to tell them don’t bother wasting their money because no one wants to play a game that has issues a game in alpha phase would have.

I’m not trying to bash the game because when things are going smooth and everything works, this game is HELLA fun… but these things previously mentioned in this thread make me want to pull my hair out because I paid money to play this game.

Whats doubly annoying is when I picked this game up again two weeks ago after several months, I was having no problems switching weapons on thralls. I thought ‘great, they finally fixed that old bug’ and thralls seemed to be working just great in general. Never glitching out and stopping attacking, always teleporting back to you when they got to far away. Like it all sincerely seemed to have been fixed. Then patch 40 hit and we went back in time. Everything is a crap shoot with thralls.

I’m left wondering how they managed to break things this badly. Is Funcom’s versioning control on the code THAT bad/non-existent? Or is the thrall AI such a Byzantine mess of Rube Goldberg contraptions and hamster wheels that touching it anywhere causes it to soil its linens?

Its getting ridiculous.

Also lets not forget they knew they had these unresolved issues from testlive and opted to drop the patch on a Thursday before vanishing for the weekend anyways. :+1: The sheer amount of ill will this patch is generating could have been avoided by admitting ‘hey, we need to fix some more things, so we’re pushing the patch&dlc a week’. Or at least tempered by patching on a Monday and hot-fixing daily for the rest of the week. :upside_down_face:

What I’m saying is: You chose a bad week to start playing. Sorry. :frowning: Also, yes, most patches around here go this smoothly. :confused:


Game is f*ckin unplayable with an elephant or rhino follower. I went in a doorway to check decay, and the dumbass animal blocked me in. I had to die and respawn. And don’t ever go on the steps of a shrine with an elephant, they will stand on top of you every time.

I have to run circles around things to farm just so I don’t keep hitting my stupid pet who wants to keep his head in my ■■■.

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As noted, since the follow patch, followers are incredibly inconsistent.

  1. Follow FAR too close, clipping into the player, blocking movement, blocking doors. Teleporting to the top of cliffs players are climbing, just as they reach the top, knocking the player off said cliff…
  2. followers get ‘lost’ and no longer catch up to the player in the same timeframe as before.
  3. PETS following FAR too close and stopping movement with their heads sticking out of the player’s stomach.
  4. Pets blocking view, blocking movement, blocking commands to move (because they are so close it instead opens inventory).
  5. When move commands DO work, they immediately reverse course and move back to they prior position (FAR too close).

Does anyone from Funcom moderate or even check these forums?

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I can also attest to the thrall being way too close. I play on a PVE-C server I have been killed twice, once because my own thrall blocked me during a fight and another time I got stuck inside my thrall while fighting another player. The follow distance needs to be a setting or at the very least they need to follow a good social distance.

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It was hot fixed on PC, consoles should be getting the same fixes early next week per another thread.

I would honestly like a follow distance added to the ring, sometimes you want them with you but farther back to avoid certain things, and sometimes you want them right next to you in the thick of it.

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