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Hello again everyone. I have another suggestion for the game that i feel like would benefit all regardless of playstyle. The follow command on Thralls / animals seems a little bit… inconvenient. And what I mean by that is when I give my horse and caravan elephant on follow and i’m using the horse for wood and elephant for stone they follow me to closely. So as i’m hacking down trees and picking down stone my elephant and horse likes to come right in the pathway of my swing attack.

So as i’m grinding for raw materials my followers are in my face getting hit alongside the materials. Is there a way where we can get like a five feet personal bubble? What do you guys think? Is it to close? Should we get more of a safety bubble so our friends or slaves dont get hit?

TLDR: Followers getting hit in the face with my axe as i grind resources, they need to step back.


I would say, in general, the AI of a friendly NPC should include backing up if it takes any damage from the player (regardless of if damage is taken, the blood spray animation is firing), like getting a pickaxe in the face.

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Horses currently run away from any kind of conflict or damage, but even they will run back into the path of your pickaxe pretty much as soon as you move :frowning:

It’s not a trivial problem to solve, but it would be a great QoL improvement if the pathing algorithms were adjusted to avoid getting in front of the player.


I probably shouldn’t have written “any damage” as sometimes you might want to sacrifice a little in battle…

Yes they come and hug alitelbit to mutch im wrong moments spec if you also is encumberd. I dont know how many times i have got stuck in a stare or dore blocked by them or knoked of the wall when they teleport inside me.

hum actually i will say not in front only, but often inside the player unfortunately

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It often feels like there’s something even more weird going on that that - I noticed something yesterday doing harvesting runs in between trying to level up a greater croc - if I’m just running about/in combat, the croc stops at a reasonable distance (I can turn and face, check inventory, move around etc - I’m not actually in ‘contact’ with it), but as soon as I try to harvest a rock or skin a corpse, the croc immediately runs in closer and attempts to position its shoulders where my feet are (ensuring it is fully covering anything I might try to harvest). It seems like it only applies when I draw a harvesting tool (bizarre masochistic pets that don’t actually want to die, but do want to be hit with tools…?).

The problem is, this completely messes up my theory that the larger pets have a smaller ‘box’ within them that is being measured from for follow distances - because how can they have two different follow distances? I’m so confused :wink:

Guess I’ll just have to stick to sprinting from resource node to resource node and trying to harvest as quick as possible before the croc catches up (he’s only got short legs, I’m in with a chance :slight_smile: )

I was thinking while on a gathering run…what if we could get the following pack animals like horses, rhinos, elephants and bearers have the ability to come closer to the distance where we have it now when we reach 98% encumbrance.
After we dump all our gatherings they can follow at a safe 15meter distance, free from constant hacks to the face!
Naturally if we want them before we reach that threshold we can simply order them to return.
My 2 cents…

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They have talked about be able to make the folower thrall mounted but not say they will do it.

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I would love to see that added - happy to need a spare horse for the thrall, have them mount and dismount to match the player, I wouldn’t even care about having two horses getting in the way :wink: It’d just be really cool to have your thrall mount up and follow you :slight_smile:

Its pretty easy to solve…

When I use “Go” The insert alot of swear words thalls/pet GOES and ■■■■■■■■ stays… instead of running 20feet were i said go, they move 3 feet and run right back into my swings.

There needs to be setting in options with timer. Its fairly easy at this point since they added menus for it all. Or even a follow distance.

Which is part of issue when try back away from gazelle or horse…

Personally, a 5-10second timer to “go” command before they return would be a godsend fix.

A follow 5m thru 10m setting be nice to.

I tried to level gazelles over week, I killed about 20+ of my own, and game got 2 of them…
Trying level a 300hp mob who dies to 2-3 hits wasnt fun. T_T

I’m still pretty angry with slopes… Just so sick of the gazelle rushing up and knocking me into air…

Yeah, I’ve been having lots of “fun” with my horse and my cat. I’ll stop on a slope or near a cliff to get my bearings and the cat will suddenly teleport into my horse and off I go flying: WHAT THE FUUuuuu u u u-- splat-crunch!

This is the problem that is currently causing me to throw the most swears at my screen.

Please, I cannot understand why this isn’t a simple fix. If there’s a bit of code that tells our pets where we are, just subtract some small numbers from that vector or whatever tells them to go to us!

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