PC Hotfix (13.05.2020) - Server stability fixes, follower fixes and more

The follower issue is still a huge problem for me.

As I posted in this thread…

"I don’t know how bad it was before the hotfix (as I didn’t play after the patch until the hotfix), but it’s still a severe issue in my game. My horse/camel is constantly getting in my way when fighting/harvesting. It feels awful constantly hitting your pet while harvesting, because they insist on sticking their head in the way. Let alone having them constantly violating your personal space while moving about the map. Or having to circle around your horse every few seconds in combat because they have yet again decided to reposition themselves immediately between you and your foe.

I end up doing more damage to my horse than the enemy does, as it gets so frustrating pulling my hits to prevent damaging my horse that I just start wailing away regardless. I find it so incredibly frustrating that I actually start wanting to hit my horse. Get out of the effing way dammit it!

I’ve stopped playing the game due to this bug and the combat music bug, in the hope of a hotfix.

If Funcom considers this fixed…"