Followers distance is too NEARR


holy crap, this is annoying. please help me

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The last update is terrible.


The issue has been acknowledged and they are looking at it:

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I can deal with it with human fighter thralls. But with horses it is damn near unbearable when fighting on foot. The horse is so far up my “you know what” that I need an enema after every fight.

A vague non-answer, typical of Funcom.

Well my horse distance is to near, hes up my ■■■ all the time and if i bring a pet or thrall along as well thay occupy the same space.

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not only the horses but all of them are standing too near… here is the example of animal follower

They can increase the distance slightly or maybe stop rendering the horse if the player camera is colliding the mesh. I just hope it can be something easy fix this problem, because its really annoying.

For me most annoying is, when my follower follows me and I get stucked, as he takes the same space as me. Have to duck to crouch away. This happens often.
Don’t like this nor the new aggro system.

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