Animals must maintain a safe distance of six feet

The first thing you need to know is that I created this forum account specifically to complain about this issue. That is how much it is making me want to uninstall.

The development team needs to make horses and animal followers maintain more distance from the player when they are in tow. If you ride your horse out to collect materials, it will park itself on top of you; I frequently have to strategically tiptoe so I can get just the right angle to strike a tree or resource node instead of my horse. Other animal followers will do the same thing, blocking you inside buildings, preventing you from interacting with crafting stations, and pinning you into spots where you’re unable to effectively fight off enemies.

They MUST back off at least six feet for my safety, though masks are optional as they don’t actually offer protection.


Horses are infuriating. If they weren’t so useful I would have killed mine dozens of times over by now.

The worst was when my horse actually killed me. I defeated the boss at the end of The Dregs, walked into the drained acid pool to harvest and my horse sat on top of me. Usually with some jumping and finagling I can break free of my horse. Not in this case. Between horse and thrall sitting on me I was stuck as the pool refilled with acid and killed me. Lost all my inventory permanently because when I came back my corpse was no longer there.


Same here. Twice my best companion nudged me off a cliff. It was only half-funny the first time.

I cannot repeat how much I HATE this as well. For the love of all things good and holy in this world keep my horse from riding up my rear end constantly and also implement pushing so I can move my damn follower and animal when they block a doorway.

Virtually every single game that is remotely similar to this one does this already, there is zero excuse for such a simple and key feature to be missing. There is no excuse for my thrall to be able to permanently lock me into a room when they get stuck in a doorway or for them to launch me off a staircase because they feel the need to be in the exact same spot as me when ever there is an incline I am standing on.

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That one I vouch for. Have been striking animals following me a lot. As I not often use even horses, it is just when I am testing or the few occasions I am with a animal follower.

But I have heard people who were thrown off of ledges by horses suddenly bumping them. lol

(I swear I wrote it before reading someone saying here it happened).

As my thralls walk around without following me, they have their own patrols, I dont really see that happening much in my game, but when it does, it is really strange.

For me, its mostly on inclines and declines were they gotta be on you… I’ve hit my horse in head so many times with pickaxe. -_-’

This definitely should be addressed.

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