Mount lost when dismounting and entering a dungeon

Seems to be a bug with mounts. Just had one randomly despawn when I parked it outside the entrance to the dregs. Entered the dregs came back out and it was gone I did tell it to stop following so it was on guard. Wondering if this is caused by mounts not normally being able to be placed in areas like that. Bit bummed. Was a lvl 15 mount.

Told it to stop following, meaning, it went back to it’s home location after about 10 minutes. Your event log will show this.

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To expand a bit on what @Multigun is saying, when you tell your mount (or other Follower) to “stop following” they are not “on guard”, they are scouting.

Scouting means they will return to their home position after some time has passed. You’re able to leave Followers scouting on terrain you don’t own, whereas you cannot place them on Guard mode there (Guard mode sets their home permanently to that spot).

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As a safety precaution, I almost always drop a map marker when I tell a thrall to stand guard in a place that is not normally their home. That way if the server crashes, I die, or something like you experienced happens, I can return to that spot and find them again. Before I did this, I lost so many thralls.

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Except it didnt. It just vanished. Unless you are saying where it spawned. In which case that could forever to find.

Have you checked the Event Log to see if his death is documented? Some wandering creature may had passed by and agro’d him, luring him away from the place you told him to stay. I’ve had some wandering Thrals after a time when they were ordered to wait. It was always in the same place tho, I had a wheel and animal pen in a dune next to the oasis, everytime I went there with a transporter or any Thrall, when I told them to wait, after some minutes they start walking around the building, I left the gate open, they walked outside in the oasis direction.

Fearing I would lose them to the Queen Locust boss or any other threat (players), I always rescued them and make sure they stay locked inside the building til they teleport back home. I wonder where they would roam if I had followed them. :thinking:

So turns out people where right. It took me a while but I found the mount. Must have set him to guard somewhere in the north at some point and thats where he ended up.


Thanks for the confirmation. It’s virtually always this, but good to be sure in any case.

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