Thralls get homesick after recent thrall pot update


After thrall pot update my thrall located at a base at the time of building first thrall pot seems to want to go back there every day or so without my say so. He just packs up and runs back to home. Is this supposed to happen given that he is at another base with another thrall pot… or is he really really homesick?

There is a new home and scout feature. There should be a way to set a new spot as their home.

Use the move option instead of follow. Once you place, thats the new “home”.

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So i had this decayed (in 2 days) base with 20 thralls i “followed” them to a new location across the map via maproom.
Now they all have warped back to that base location??

My event log said “Thrall so and so went home” lots of times.

But when i walked a 50 mtrs the event log was empty “server started”

Id better go check. this is so silly.

Thanks for the info i never would have guessed.

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My facts after checking, adding to my two cents above.

Two thralls i moved with follow via a maproom from Seper to Jungle,
had returned to there old base in Seper.
Can´t say-remember how many thralls where listed as gone home in event log.

One male acher III had default clothes -was kitted before- and hovered in the air at his last moved location at the old base.
So place was as expected.

Thrall two however, a female dancer III was found in default clothes somewhere between seper and the base. So not at all at the location expected.
Pure luck i tryed to pick it up that i found out it was a thrall of mine.

So moved thralls moved with as last move “the follow” command will indeed return to their old “last moved” position, wherever it is on the map.

The two will recieve proper punishment.

I’m sorry, but I had no freaking idea I could teleport my thralls with map. Mind blown and really pissed about moving a ton of them across the jungle with follow.

I have moved thralls through a map, only to have them die upon teleport. I am unsure why they died and there were no adverse conditions. I have been able to successfully move (follow) a thrall through a map room teleport as well so I don’t know what the issue is, so, just be aware.

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As a tool/trick, to determine owned thralls present in an area,

that placing a thrall food pot will scan a certain area around it for thralls,
and thralls un that area should (logically) appear in the inventory of the pot.

If you choose “Move and Guard” and then place down your thrall he should remain in place :slight_smile:

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