How to recover a lost pet?

So I forgot to have my pet re-follow me after logging back in today. Is there a way to force it to return home or to me? Going all the way back to where I lost it and trying to locate it is going to be more than just a minor hassle.

Really wish they kept following as they were when you logged out…

Funcom put in a “return to home” function. After a short time (I think ten minutes, but I may be wrong about this time), your pet or thrall should teleport back to the last place that you put them on the ground with the “guard” command.
Hopefully this was in one of your bases and not somewhere out adventuring.


Mostly they return home after 10 minutes if the character comes to die.
Maybe an other possibility if it’s not showing up, remowing your bracelet in your base, near your spawnpoint.
I hade some pets coming home after a fight where i died, but consider if so, they can also die in the fight. Worth a test i think.

They return home on their own after a while unless they have been slain by something or some one.

Thanks everyone.

No problem bro!

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