Pets after player's death

You know that server admins (and SP players) can enable option not to loose your things after death. So you just respawn in your bed with all your belongings - but without your pet! Poor thing is waiting for you near dead body, so you all the same have to go and take it back home. I think that pets must take this option into account too and when it’s enabled they must be near their masters at their respawn point.

I think they return home after certain amount of time.

I’m not sure and I’m afraid to loose my Greater Hyena.

After a while (not sure how long) they’ll return home to the last place they were set “On Guard” :slight_smile: if that was in your homebase, then it’ll just be a matter of time until he’s home… No worries

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As Spookums replied your pet will teleport back to the last place he was placed with the “guard” command.
It will show up in the event log as something like “Greater hyena returned home”


The return home works fairly well. It can take some time though. Also, you usually have about 10 min or so to get back to your pet, before it starts migrating home. You then have to tell it to follow again.

In addition, I always mark the spot (on map) where I put my pet in Guard mode, so I know where “return home” is going to be. I did not used to. I am still finding old lost pets in random places, happily guarding the spot I commanded, because I set them before my map marking policy.


It’s a very good idea about map marking, thank you!

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