Pet disapeared after dieing from green wall

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [bug]
Region: [Here]

[I was building my base up on a cliff near the green wall of death when I had all of my building supplys on a bear because it was to heavy to carry I was placying cielings on my roof when the server lagged running me into the green wall and I died I respawned at my bed ran back to the base I was building and the bear wasnt there so I checked the even log with max proximity and days passed and only thrall/pets ticked and nothing I waited 3 hours since usaully it takes about 15 mins for them to return to base and still nothing what do I do?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Check lootbag event log to see if the materials the bear had on him decayed… if not… waiting game it is unfortunately…

Sometimes can take awhile for pets and thralls to return back to base after you die. I had the same issue in the sunken city where a captain glitched into the wall after my death so was unable to get her out of there. The a day and a half later she finally got back to clean off the smell of fish

Try to remember where you last told it to “stand guard”, as your pet will likely be in that location. It will “return home” after a short period. “Home” being wherever it was last placed, which may or may not be your base. Good luck!

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