Pet disappear after a while

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU

After a while with walking and fighting with my pet it suddenly came the message, that my pet doesnt follow me anymore. Since that i didnt see it anymore. I didnt try with a other pet, since that was my only one.

Hi there and sorry you got issues with your pet.

Could it be that it teleported back to where you first deployed it? If a pet or thrall gets stuck they’re supposed to act that way. :slight_smile:

Hi Tascha. No sadly its not there. I was at my base, so there where i first deployed it. I searched it everywhere but didnt find it again.

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I have experienced similar issues three times. One time I found the pets corpse inside my base, but no Event Log message indicating cause of death.

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And not killed by some Close by mobs? do the event log say some? or was them inside building?

My event logs rarely shows something more then the server restarts for some reason. But no, there was no nearby mob at all.

Hmm that sounds weird - I have unfortunately not enough info to take it back to the devs except “pet disappeared”. However, once we have the UI and control for the in game log patched in (which should hopefully be sometime next week), you should be able to see more info about what happened. Then we can easier help you as well by getting more info back to the dev team. Right now, the event log is hard coded in what it shows and it’s set to only super close proximity (which you’ll be able to adjust to map wide).

I’ll make a note anyway so we keep an eye on additional info popping up. Sorry I can’t give a better answer atm.


It can be the same problem i have, my dansing thrall running and block the way out no mather wher i put her on that side off the door, when i put her outside was no proble and when i put her up on a block she stayed ther and not Went back to the door.

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