Pets disappearing again

Game mode pve
Offical servers

If i have a pet follow me then log out it vanishes. Nothing in event log either. Does not mateer if pet is guarding or following . Lost 3 pets this week 2loaded with loot.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Just wondering if you have checked the last place you had them guarding? Pets and thrall all return to the spot they were last on guard.

Yes I have and even check locations I died in just incase they where roaming. They didnt return they just vanished after logging out. No event log on them either

Hello @WillT, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need additional information in order to determine what occurred, such as whether you’re able to replicate this issue consistently or not, the pets’ last guarding position, the time and place they disappeared in ( or when you logged out then in as it occurred ), and if there’s any information regarding the missing pets on the event log with its parameters set to max proximity, max days passed and only the thrall/pet option ticked.

In many cases the pets simply end up going back to their previous guarding spot after a while, and depending on where that is, it’s possible that it could have spawned inside certain structures, such as base walls.

It happened twice back to back days. I would log out pet set to guarding inside the base. When I logged back in it was gone. The other time I died and my pet was at my bed roll. It wasn’t there when I logged back in right away. I looked all over the area of my bed roll and around asgarath. City spelling wrong but you get the idea. Both times pet did not return. Event log is set for extreme rage I think its 1k distance and it includes all things. Pets items ect. I can’t give exact times but one was 7pm and the other around 9am. Then it went a few days with out any thing happening then all my gear on my player decayed while I was logged out in my base. No death notice or any thing just decay event log.

Yes max distance and days was set

Thank you for the additional details, we’ve registered this matter for our team to look into, apologies for the frustration caused.

Just to clarify, you do get a decay message for the loot that was on the pets that disappeared?
If so, at what time? Was it right after logout?

In the meantime, try to keep valuable items within chests and when travelling on your character rather than the pets, just to be on the safe side.

Will do and no decay notice on items though 1 of my bears jas been recover from a spot I died at 3 weeks ago. Why it went from guarding my base before log out to being teleport out there is messed up. Also I logged out to get breakfast this morning around am and my relic hunter slave trader their 3 was inside my base on guard duty. I logged in half a hour later and she is gone. Please fix it this is sucking hard core

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