Pets disappearing need help

Hi, so I just got onto my official server and more than half of my pets were just gone. The list of them are 2 greater wolfs, 1 bear, 1 undead hyena, 1 undead unstable animation, 1 sand reaper queen, 2 panthers, 1 leopard, just to name a few. They were as on 9:30pm on May 23rd and when I got on all of them just are gone. I wanted to see if I could get some help understanding what happened and to see if there’s anyway to resolve this issue so I don’t have to grind to get them all back.

Check your event log. Chances are someone probably slaughtered them.

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In a PVE server though?

People can lure bosses to your base to kill them. Check your event log, if they’re dead it will show what killed them.


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