Pet disappeared after my death by a rhino king

Game mode: Online | Official | PvE
Problem: Crash | Bug
Region: Latin America
Connection: Wired

I was playing on the official server # 4515 PvE on PS4, and when I died from the attack of a rhino king (located in the pond next to “Muriela’s Hope”), my white tiger, called “King”, level 16, stopped following me and I was never able to find him at the place of death again. Shortly thereafter, the same pet disappeared from my list of followers, but in the list of record of events there is no mention of his death, he simply disappeared. I knew that the pet stopped following, but disappearing with my best pet was disappointing, which made me discouraged from playing again.

  • I would like to post screenshots, but the forum is not allowing it, as I am a new user.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. fight with the rhino king
  2. die
  3. pet fail to follow because of death
  4. cry
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Everything seems normal bessides the pet disapearing out of nowher.

  • You died, Pet stoped following and was fighting the Boss.
  • Pet Provably got killed and for some reason the Event Log did not register that.
  • Maybe you have ‘‘Thralls’’ Unselected in the event log?

Thats the best i can do, provably the problem was the 2nd or 3rd line above, most likely 2nd line since Conan Exiles is quite buggy when it comes to thralls and pets.

Consider bringing a Fighter Thrall (T4) To fight World Bosses, pets dont do that well on Boss fights.
There are a couple good thralls near noob river.

Sorry for your loss! You can always get a new pet!


Hello @EvelynKeys, welcome to the forums.

In these situations, followers usually go back to the last place where they were set to guard.

However, since it has disappeared from the follower list it has certainly died, did you set your Event Log sliders (days, proximity) to the highest permitted value before clicking submit?


Hello, yes, I even have the video that shows that he was still following me and I live after returning to the place of my death, but he disappeared after that. I uploaded the video on Youtube, because I really believed that he had just died. (link:

I increased the criteria in the event log, got out of the game and got in again, tried some possibilities, but I was really surprised with him “disappearing” without any death record, because I was at the time of the disappearance.

Thanks for the help, I really thought that too until I reviewed the capture video that I managed to pull from the PS4. When I returned to the place, he was still alive and appeared on the map, he hadn’t taken any more damage, I checked a few times while waiting for dawn. He initially disappeared physically first and then disappeared from the list. Because of that I thought it was weird, because until then I didn’t even know that that was a boss, and when it is like that I just run away, but that area was with a lot of delay and lag, so I died.

Your pet probably died . I can understand that you are new to the game because you went really low for this boss , really low . This hit that you took can kill you even with God breaker armor . The worst mistake you did is to go with a pet . This rhino is one of the worst bosses of the game and he is way worst than the one is out of Sepermeru . To level up your pets try to be the fighter and not the boss . To win this boss you must be the boss and leave the thrall to kill . All you can do is cast some bleeding or poisoning and jump it to the lake again , but thrall not pet .
Anyway , I will say one last thing , welcome to the exile desperation my friend . Prepare your self to loose a lot , this pet is just the beginning , believe me . No need to quit , take this lesson and move on , you have way a lot to learn :wink: .


Thanks for the advice, I’m really new to the game and I still don’t know the location of all the bosses. But okay, I’m going to play the PC version again, as it’s much more up to date. Thank you for the answer.

My first beloved pet was a greater hyena , Diego . I was upset for days , but I move on :wink: . The pc version is way coolest ,I envy you , you have mods and all the updates so far , still , if you need me to jump in your server (PS4)and help you farm Tigers , just say it :+1: .


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