I play on official 2509 and I was sitting near a base and my Lvl 17 frost giant disappeared and is no longer on my follower list and not being tracked. I know he didn’t die cause he had over 10k health and one shot everything except world bosses.


It was around 1255pm on July 29th I was up near New Asgarth when he disappeared and he is not on my followers list anymore nor is he where I had him guarding last

If he’s not on your follower list, then maybe check the event log to see if it reports something about your missing thrall. You might have to increase the radius to find what happened. It could also be a bug.

What is your followers limit and how many do you have.

I don’t see a follower limit on official and I have around 30 follower set out at the moment. The weird part about him disappearing is there is nothing in my log about him dying as well as he no longer appears on my thrall list

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I would have to say its a bug because there is nothing in my thrall list about him I extended the list to 10.0000 and 21 days and nothing shows up about him.

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hey there , someone on my official server Pve-C Eu has had the same thing while leveling his giant near New asagarth , his giant disapeared with no log , nor follower list showing .

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What about palisades? Does anyone have experience with what an event log reports when they got killed by palisade?

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it would have showed up in log yes , what caught my attention here is that it’s the giant pet , and when they were introduced they had some issues crossing rivers , also this happening near NA in the same conditions once is weird , twice there is no coincidence in my opinion , anyway untill some more test are made , I wouldn’t bring a giant too much near NA and it’s whereabouts if I were you …


I have experience with what the log reports when they die cause it will show up in red. The day it disappeared there is nothing in the log for any thralls.

Thats the weird thing about NA is I’ve sat on roofs there with the giant on follow for 20 minutes and nothing has happened to him. This time I sat on a base outside of NA and was gone for a few minutes and he disappeared

so how would i go about getting the devs or admins attention on this subject?

Go back to the menu, go back to the server … The animals appear.


Create a thread in the XBox Bug report forum, giving as much detail as possible. Even better if you know how to reproduce the error and can tell them steps to duplicate it.

I reloaded game and nothing reappears as well as it has been 5 days and he still has not shown up in any log or appeared anywhere

since I play on pc the thread shouldn’t be only Xbox though !

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I haven’t experienced the bug. If you have, you should consider making a bug report in the PC forum.

I had the same problem, follower disappearing without having died, happening when playing on PS4. Have you had any answers about this?