Frost Giant Bodyguards Dying Randomly While Following

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Official Server 2878

I have lost three Frost Giant Bodyguards who were following me outside of combat. Each time they were at full health, disappeared and then around 30 seconds to a minute later I get the notification that they died. Most were around 8000 hp. Some disappeared while I was traveling and they were too far away before teleporting to me, others just disappeared when i was standing around.

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I encountered this bug also. It seems to be an issue with the larger pets as i have had similar problems with the yeti pets.

Hello @NosferatuV, thank you for your report!

Could you please share additional details regarding the area where they’ve been lost and the path you were taking?

Each time the Frost Giant has been following me. Occasionally they would disappear and reappear closer to me as other thrall do if they are too far away. Sometimes they would reappear with lost hp. The longer they were gone, the more hp they lost, sometimes killing them. I lost three full health Frost Giant Bodyguards in E9 on the map, C10, and on the hills just south of New Asgarth. Sometimes they would simply disappear while standing next to me or during a fight and then minutes later the death notification would appear. Other times I would just be walking in the highlands and they would fall through the map. Thanks for your reply.

Any tips on leveling one up without encountering this glitch?

My frost giant did the same thing like a week ago. Walking thru the desert just east of the obilisk by khlaels (sp?) stronghold and looked back and watched mine crumple over. Checked the log and it just says he died. Took forever farming that horn too.

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I’ve seen that happen a couple of times on PC. They seem to warp after the player and get “fall damage” when doing so. Then at some point they die when it is enough. At least that is what it looked like.

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I haven’t had mine die to this, but I’ve had them suddenly pop up at half health or under. I’ve also had it happen to other thralls who get stuck on things but it is more rare. It happens almost anywhere/everywhere that thralls can get hung up on things or can’t path well (like going up/down paths that have tight corners and change vertical levels quickly)

My only guess is they kind of get stuck on something, then fall through the world and take a bunch of falling damage somehow - sometimes dying.

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