Frost Giant Bodyguard just died with no reason

I was walking with my Frost Giant Bodyguard over nobbie river, killing crocodiles to level him up, when he sudelly disapeared. I walked few meters hoping he would teleport, but there was no sign of him. So I tried to track him using the thralls menu and when I set to locate him, I got the message that he died while following me. The Event log didn’t show anything.

I don’t know if he died because I tried to track him. He was full HP, and level 6. I can’t believe crocodiles or hyenas could be able to kill him. Is it a known bug?

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I have heard about this before but I guess it is not often reported as not many are leveling or using them. If you use a search you will probably find some reports though. Did you jump down from somewhere high or use an elevator btw? What about any portal (maproom, dungeon)?

Yes I’ve had this before when they traveled with you they will randomly die it has been reported but on test live with all the improvements and mass bugs they fixen I would wait to see if all of those and possible test after this one to see if it goes away also I thought they fixed some of this a patch or two ago

I have saved the screen. Tomorrow I’ll post exactly how it happened.

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