Frost giants just dying


So me and my friend have tried levelling a couple frost giants we got from the thrall camp in the highlands but while we were levelling them they tp to us and die when they still have more then half there health and food to regen is this some sort of bug

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Something similar has happened to a companion with one of his slaves, the last update is bad.

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The cause is the global warming


I have a frost giant to train. I will start today and by the same time tomorrow i ’ ll inform you. The following system 2 is something we have to learn how to handle. However i have to tell you that frost giants were fragile, before the update. Last month on a pvp private server i tried to lvl up a frost giant and Ymirs feast was not able to heal him fast, so i was using a lot of healing arrows.

So my giant went easy lvl 10, though i play pve official, and i have to inform your that from lvl 3 he crushed a 3 head boss. He was healing correctly, but as i told you before i am using healing arrows to the pets. I never lvl up pets without healing arrows. So, i really cannot understand what went wrong in your case. Go kill Ymirs daughter again dude and start over. Good luck :+1:

i have problem my fighter just die inside base and she was following me. they broke game after update and new dlc as i espect :frowning: ( PC )

File actual bug reports to give the details so they can replicate it.

Yesterday I had a regular lvl 10 thrall in full epic heavy flawless armor that just instantly died against a skull 3 boss black rhino. He was almost at about 75% health and then just vanished and died.

I wonder if he perhaps fell through the terrain and then went poof?

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