Super Disappointed, Game bug killed my Frost Giant

Game mode: [(Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [ Select one: PvP]
Region: [North America]
Mods?: [ Are mods installed: No ]

Bug Description:

So I play on Siptah, and was stoked today because I got a Frost Giant Bodyguard, So spent most of the day leveling him while I ran some gathering errands. Was being super careful with him, started him off with killing some gators and such, got him to about level 12 or so he was starting to get pretty beefy with almost 7k health and 400 armor with almost 100% melee bonus. Was farming some silk outside the Asylum of the Outsiders, kind of killed the area of spiders first so I could farm in peace, even got the world boss spider up top on the cliffs above. Was almost done getting all the silk in the area and noticed my frost giant wasn’t behind me. I tracked him on the followers list, saw he was close behind me on the map so went to his symbol but couldn’t find him anywhere after looking around the immediate area for like 2-3 min, thought nothing of it and just continued to farm, thinking when I finished and left he’d pop up behind me as I head home or something. 2 min later I get the “Your follower has been killed while following you message”. At first I was like oh crap maybe someone is around here and merc’d him. Looked around didn’t find anybody and no body of my frost giant either. Checked the event log and doesn’t show he died or what killed him. Tried the return command just incase it was bugged or something and showed me the message wrongly and didn’t pop you so he for sure died. So now I’m super bummed :/. The RNG to get him is pretty low so was excited to finally get him after many tries. And is just super disappointing that it’s wasn’t like an npc or player that killed him which would have been understandable and my bad, but instead was some sort of bug. Guessing he got spawned into the ground under the mesh or something while following me and the game just deleted him or something after a bit. But yea very disappointing to have played a game for close to 2k hours and be loyal to it to be kicked in the nuts by crap like this. Would share pics of event log as well but says “new users can’t post pics I guess”

Expected Behavior:

I expected this to not happen and for my follower to still be alive and following me.

Installed Mods:

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Steps to Reproduce:

Play the game loyally for many hours, have a bug ruin your day, lose faith in game.

Had the same thing happen in Exiled Lands to a Frost Giant I had just got to level 20. I saw him half in the ground right before he dropped through the mesh. Luckily I play on SP, so when a bug like that happens, I just admin’d a new horn. Had to re-level him though. That sucks, man. Hang in there.

I feel the pain. Today I lost a follower in similar circumstances. She was level 14 as we departed my base. ran around for a time exploring. After a while I noticed she wasn’t near me. checking my follower list… gone. Checking my log for the day… only entry was for a dropped bit of feral flesh, nothing about what happened to the thrall. just… gone!

Sadness. Lost the thrall. Lost the time invested. Lost the gear.

Shortly after, freed a named thrall from a cage… When we got back to base, I noticed my sand reaper queen had fallen into the mesh. again. at least she showed up in the list so one rescue later and all i lost was some food for the big bug.

I am really hopeful the update on test live corrects the issue and that it is coming to a release soon.

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