Pet killed without log

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***Frost Giant pet following me and dissapear.I try give commands to move and return.No effect.In followers list pets nick wos dark-looks like he is in distance.Map shows icon near me.Later i get message on screen:-frost giant wos killed when following you.I look log-no info on max sliders.Looks like pet fall under the map
Online official 1300 server
bug with pet
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sunk through ground fell to death
were you teleporting?

Not where i teleporting.I just traveling by foot in that location.And pet disapear

what location were you?

Desert between brimstone lake and scorpion boss

was there purge or sandstorm occurring at the time and was the thrall in combat enroute?

No purge or sandstorm.I just passing location and killing mobs if see.Leveling my pet on way

It’s been an issue with giant pets for a long time. When I was playing mine were just base defense because of it.

I think mammoths as well or anything really tall. I run across mammoths with their legs doing the cat loaf position and I think around flame mist camp where the elevation deviates decently I watched a frost giant strolling around aimlessly and just slipped straight down through the map gone into the inner dark