Pets dying randomly while following


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: US

I’ve had this happen twice already: a pet that’s following me dies for no apparent reason. Here is what I know about the circumstances:

  • The pet is in the “following” state, not “guarding”, “scouting” or “returning home”.
  • The pet is not hungry and has food in inventory.
  • The pet is not engaging in combat.
  • There is no event log entry mentioning the death of the pet.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Order the pet to follow you.
  2. Run around doing whatever it is you want to do.
  3. At some point, the game will display the message " IS NO LONGER FOLLOWING YOU" (with replaced by the actual name of your pet).

This is going to be difficult to repro, because there’s very little info on it. If you could make the game log pet deaths and causes, it would help me gather more info.


pets can die from fall damage. it might not be your issue but it could also be the case. Same as for thralls, when you’re traveling on the map with followers (pets or thralls, it doesn’t matter) sometimes the location of your character when the follower is catching up by teleporting will spawn him in the air. i had it happened recently with a jaguar and a thrall.
i really hope they’ll remove the fall damage for followers soon. Untill then make sure to take a secure path everytime you can (no jumps, or only very little ones like 1-3 meters) when you are followed.


Do NOT embark on an elevator when you have a thrall or a pet following you. They will die. Every time.

If you are about to board an elevator, stop, tell your thrall/pet to stop following you. Then, use the Move radial option, and just keep the thrall placement selection open. Board the elevator, and ascend/descent/horizont on the elevator. When you are off, use the placement selection, and complete the thrall movement. Then, you can resume your trek, and tell the thrall to start following again.


Game mode: Private server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE
Region: EU

Pet lost after leave Midnight Grove.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Enter de dungeon with my pet.
  2. Being killed by end bull boss.
  3. Leave the dungeon and pet missing.


If I’m not mistaken your pet stays where you died for some time, then will look for a way back to the point you placed it in the world. If you died in a dungeon most likely the pet can’t find a path back and stays there, but I don’t know what happens when the timer runs off and pet hasn’t found a path home.


If it uses the same logic as thralls (and it probably does), it should eventually just go “screw it” and teleport home. But I am not sure if this is released yet, and even if so I’m not sure if it applies here: I am not sure what a Pet who was on follow sees as “home” - last place it was set to guard before being set to follow?


I agree, but when pet dies in a dungeon, either they directly teleport or won’t be able to find a way to exit the dungeon, unless they can interact with dungeon entrance (which I doubt).

I am thinking the only way to see would be get back in the dungeon to the place you died and see if pet is still there or not. If not then check the spots it was placed in the World.


I’ve lost about 4-5 tigers to fall damage crossing bridges and climbing the tree paths in the jungle. Sometimes they teleport to me in the open air beside me and then plummet to their demise, needless to say I was not very happy.
Best to not take pets anywhere they could potentially fall even if you’re being careful. One tiger teleported next to me on a bridge but apparently something glitched and the system read it as falling to the ground below so it died despite being on the platform with me.


Ok. To summarize

Better not take pets/thralls:

  • To large trips.
  • To elevators.
  • To dungeons.
  • To high places.

You can take your pets/thralls:

  • To plains.
  • Into your base (if it have not elevators or high places)

Seems great.


You can take them pretty much to any places you wrote above put it’s really stressfull and annoying to babysit them as they are supposed to make your life easier not a hassle.
But in some cases, even with the possible death/ bugs/ glitches etc… it is still Worth it to bring them along imo, Simply for the fact they carry a lot (which can make things even more stressfull of course…) and for the fun they can bring when they work properly.
I never took a pet or thrall to elevators though and after reading the comments on this forum i would not, so it is the only place where i would not bring them along.


i prefer watching bugged npcs at the pagoda jumping down the ledge without dying or taking fall damage than fearing bringing followers along because of the Deadly follower teleportation. many players are not using this great feature because of this damm issue, which is a pity.


Ok, there are several different issues in this thread. It would be good to keep issues separate per thread so we can collect more infos on specific issues.

When this happened, where you in weird terrain where the pet might have had issues following you? Did the pet actually leave a carcass to confirm it died?
If a pet can’t find a path to you it’s supposed to teleport back to where you first deployed it. That is also where the message is coming from.

Definitely noting this down so we can double check on this. Just to verify: You did check if your pet ended up at the location you first played it? Pets wait for like 10 minutes then are supposed to teleport back to where you placed it last.

correct :slight_smile:

When a pet dies it’s dead and doesn’t need to find it’s way home. :sob:

That’s unfortunate and frustrating. Definitely noting that down for double checking.

That’s a good idea. I brought it up internally and we are currently discussing it :slight_smile:


The balancing issue I see with making them immune to fall damage is a PvP one … siege but perhaps also player duels

I’ll expand upon this - I don’t PvP so if my assumption that thrall take fall damage when buildings are destroyed is wrong please correct me …
Currently … if a player destroys the support that the thrall/pet/player is standing on then they will fall to the ground.
In the case of the player falling they take damage and may die. At the moment so would the pet/thrall …if they were made immune to all fall damage then they would not … leaving them at full health on the ground attacking the enemy instead of being injuried/killed.

If thralls/pets were made immune to fall damage then … Presumably if a player with pet/thrall who had been in combat with another player ran away and jumped off somewhere reasonably high and the attacker followed … then the pet/thrall will be at full health (or whatever they were before the fall/teleport down) but the players wouldn’t … giving an unfair advantage to the player with pet/thrall.


That’s correct - we actually just discussed that as well.
Instead we are looking into having them not insta die but lose a certain amount of hp. Possibly only implementing this for pets and not thralls…but again, it’s under discussion at the moment.


yes but still killable after the fall.

the issue must be adressed for thralls as well, whatever you choose, they should not die while Following you for no fair Reason.

And sorry for adding this one on top of the one mentionned previously but please try to improve their path possibilities: thralls, pets as well as npcs should NOT walk into the lava like if it was normall ground. this path must be scripted as a “non walkable path”.


No, they don’t die every time. I always use my 2 elevators with my thralls following and never had one die.


They have in the past. That is enough risk to make me stop, tell Vathis or Kitty to unfollow, and then to move manually. This may have been an issue that has since been corrected. But I (and many others) are operating under the “once bitten, twice shy” MO.


thralls will also died if you pick up a vertical elevator that is very high… so i assume the problem also could affect thralls which are essentially the same as a thrall when its deployed into the world.


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