Pets apparently die running down hills

I decided to blow the dust off the game and ignore the stuttering while moving around the map, the animal and human AI’s clipping through the terrain, and all the other glitches and twitches in the game long enough to take the time to make a pet tiger; only to have it die for no reason.
It was following me while I was running down the steep hill at the Dregs intending to attack the village there. Suddenly, I got a message saying it wasn’t following anymore. I turned around and it was dead. No enemies nearby…no other beasts nearby…it just died running down the hill. How awesome is that? What a waste of time.
I guess I’ll put this game back on the shelf and wait for more patches in hopes that someday it will work right and I’ll actually get my money’s worth.


You’re absolutely right…I’m venting. I do want solutions, but that’s up to Funcom and, admittedly, my faith in them has dwindled since I bought the game in early access. I paid good money for the game and it hasn’t run right for me and a lot of other people since the update two weeks before the official release.
It’s awesome that you’re not experiencing these issues…I wish I were on that end of it. And yours is the million dollar question that I don’t have an answer for and neither do the Dev’s…why are some having the issues and others aren’t across many different builds and across different platforms? I’ve never seen this before and I’ve been building my own gaming rigs and gaming online for almost 20 years.
And just to take a friendly poke at you…looks like we just had a conversation. :wink:


Doubt it all you want, sir. I’ve have had contact on these forums with someone from Funcom. I’m not so much complaining as venting that I’ve found yet another glitch and I’m happy for you that you haven’t experienced any problems.

This issue doesn’t just affect me. Many people with different PC builds have reported these things as well as people who play on consoles. Funcom is aware of this. You say that you haven’t seen any other posts; I’ve seen dozens. Look around a bit on this and other forums. You should find them.

As far as you perceiving my original post as arrogant and rude, that’s subjective and you seem to have taken my original post personally. Nothing was directed at you and no one forced you to reply. Ergo, you didn’t need to direct your rudeness toward me. I wasn’t addressing you in the first place.

I find that people who feel the need to qualify themselves usually aren’t that savvy. You may have a degree in computer engineering and 40 years experience, but the individual I had a conversation with from Funcom said that the problem shouldn’t be my computer and they’re looking into it. I hardly think your degree and experience trumps them…they made the game, so you’ll pardon me if I don’t take your word over theirs. If you’re that good, apply and join the team and figure these problems out instead of chiming in here trying to make me look like I don’t know what I’m talking about. Your effort would be greatly appreciated.

Again, have a nice day.

Your pet ran over your head and died because of fall damage, you just didn’t notice it since happens pretty fast. It’s a known bug tascha has reported to the dev team. Apparently they are trying to adjust the fall damage so Pets Don’t get 1 shot for no valid Reason.

In the meanwhile be very cautious with your follower when Walking down sthing (Don’t run, Don’t jump down and Don’t climb down).
I know it’s annoying and frustrating but it will considerably limit the amount of followers you’ll loose to this issue.

Thanks for the insight. Good to know they’re aware of it.

You’re very welcome.
Really hope they’ll be able to fix this one soon, along with the purge and the server performances.

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I lost a greater Sabrethooth last night. I was scaling down a cliff and he decided to teleport in to mid air because the game refreshes your location and does that. Yes its annoying and the simplest solution would be to give all pets (a sabretooth because obvious) the cat like perk from Agi.

I hardly use pets because I keep getting stuck in them. To then lose them to this sort of foolishness just insures they never leave the base they are assigned to.

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My pets died many times by clipping terrain or door.
I see your pain…

I closed this topic because the original point was made and it seems to be attracting negativity between users, instead of healthy debate or helpful responses.