Animal thralls keep falling to their death


Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

Animal thralls keep sliding/ falling the their deaths on small hills and and bumps I’ve lost two hyenas, one greater hyena and a camel now. :angry:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.have animal thrall follow you
2.go down small ledge by yog religion trainer


Just so you’re aware, this is a well-known issue. The devs have said that (at some point) they’re looking to change falling damage for pets so that it’s percentage based, not fixed amounts.

Personally, I wish they’d just make pets immune to environmental damage altogether. No dying from falling off a cliffside or accidentally wandering into lava because of the pathing AI.


K thanks for letting me know… that would be nice.


My greater bear died just walking next to me last night. No combat, 7 days of food, no warning, just one poof dead… I received the Greater Bear is no longer following you notice.


Thats not cool!


I’m guessing that it fell through the world. Did you happen to hit a lag spike at the time and/or crossing over one the “land bridges” that are around the map?


Nope. No lag. Since I added the SD drive I really don’t have many lag issues anymore. And I was able to farm his carcass. It doesn’t fit any of the bugs I know about.


I had the same issue. My greater wolf randomly died, I only knew because I noticed the ‘Greater wolf is no longer following you’ the body was there and lootable. As far as I can tell the game teleported him to catch up, and just put him far enough up the falling damage killed it.


1 more to add to your notes is that animals some how fall or just glitch inside the foundation cuz I found my great wolf and a camel inside my foundations that I was replacing with higher tier foundations.


That happened to me too with my greater bear, but I was able to move him out of the foundation.


If it’s a single foundation “deep” then you can do that. But for folks who have built up on several layers of foundations, pets and thralls can fall all the way through to the ground and become irretrievable unless you destroy the foundations to get down to them.


Thanks for the heads up. Depending on what falls, I might have to do some remodeling…


Yeah, my greater wolves died twice cause this STUPID pet fall damaging.
I just came down from a hill, then my pet teleported the air and died.


Please go to and upvote this issue so it can be prioritized for being fixed.


It’s already fixed internally.


Thanks for the update… just to clarify does that mean it was fixed but not put into an update yet?


Fixed internally means it has been fixed from our side but has not been patched out yet.


Thanks for clarifying that.


Yea i lost Greater Bear like that too. Sucks cause i even named Him stomper. Yea might b Pixel’s but Animals have special place my heart.


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