More on the thrall/pet ideas

i have had many similar thoughts as some other player i am saying this for myself and for the other players that also had these ideas as well and some extra stuff i added to these ideas cause it really needs these ideas. one things is right now in game vanilla you only get one follower whether its a thrall or a pet, i found a mod that lets you get a total of 5 mixed matched of thralls or pets of your choice to follow and gaurd you . but they only have the follow or not follow commands. but the total amount of followers should have a setting where you can choose how many followers each player can have at least a choice between none and 10 mixed matched.if not a little more… but at least have a setting in base game no mod where you can have more than one thrall or pet… if your playing solo and single player it would definitely benefit them players that dont have people to play with… but even in mutilplayer… if you can choose how many thralls and pets that are allowed to follow each player you can easy make a 10 person tribe look like an army which relates to the them of the game… and when you got multiple clans 10 each it makes the wars alot more realistic… brings the numbers to the table… know what i mean… server admins should be able to choose that number so its equal to each clan…but most definitely need to have settings for the thralls and pets individual settings for a path to walk , to stay put ,return home, set home set gaurd or follow another thrall player or pet and vice versa the same commands to the pets. and both should have commands to wander close or wander whereever give them the ability to chose where they wanna roam if you want to who knows you might set some to wander around and you didnt take none with you but you get in a fight and it pops up helping you its hey thanks for the help but that needs to player choice. , and i way so agree on the nudge when they swarm you and get you stuck in tight spots… yes… and for the garrison idea that is very good idea and to level it up to hold more, or you can build it and you put the beds in and to according to how many beds you build or how many garrison buildings you make determines home many thralls can find a bed to sleep in it…but they need to know how to open doors to go out when a threat is near in and out… they need to have all options available to how you want them to react in the game…

Commands buttons sound good and I like the idea of leveling up your thralls and pets also the number of thralls and pets that follow you.


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