Need base game thrall/pet follower numbers to be a setting for single player and for admins of servers

the total amount of followers should have a setting where you can choose how many followers each player can have at least a choice between none and 10 mixed matched.if not a little more i just wouldnt go over 20… but at least have a setting in base game with no mod where you can have more than one thrall or pet… if your playing solo and single player it would definitely benefit them players that dont have people to play with…i had to use a mod to get a small version of this but i would like to have more and im sure others would too, but even in mutilplayer… if you can choose how many thralls and pets that are allowed to follow each player you can easy make a 10 person tribe look like an army which relates to the them of the game… and when you got multiple clans 10 each it makes the wars alot more realistic… brings the numbers to the table… know what i mean… server admins should be able to choose that number so its equal to each clan…this would make the game way more open for more roleplay and other things cause then you can make each player a captain to his own brigade or platoon or whatever they call it in this era… but look at the other thrall pet ideas for the need of more commands for them all are really good ideas… but we need commands for follow me or a selected npc or player. or gaurd or walk to a specific npc or player. need to be able to tell them to patrol a specific path or wander near or far… need a formation selection to be able to select a formation to how on or more will stand, or gaurd or walk or run in a formation like armys… the more you can do with the thralls and pets would be awesome even if you can set 10 to follow one in formation and that one is told to walk to a certain destination or go attack a certain destination or npc or player… that one would lead the whole group to that destination and if you set 10 with 10 followers each you have a army marching for war…easy…can yall do this i love this idea…but make it a setting for the amount of followers for admins and single players… in base game its hard enough that most of the stuff like the age of calamitous and some other popular mods make the games harder to load in and if more of them were included in base game with out mods the game would have what players want and less mod interfering in the game cause some people frown from the mods but they want these things in game… but i have played this game for 2 years and the change in this game is absolutely phenomenal and i love it … it is in the top of my list of favorite games but is my favorite computer game number 1…

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