Thrall following limit and thrall leveling suggestion

will the thrall following limit ever be increased? i feel just one thrall following is a waste, i would like to see up to at least five. i think it would cool if you could whistle or emote them to attack, defend, follow and stop following. i was also wondering if we would ever get to increase our thralls stats? nothing super op maybe half the level of player stats. i think it would make single player feel a little more lively and make mp really epic


I also think having only one Thrall following is barely useful…
But I also think that five Thralls following an individual would be way too many, a good number of Thralls that we should be allowed to take with us on our adventures is two.

I think the Idea of Thralls gaining levels is good but only up to a point. Say you clubbed an Exile Fighter I over the head, broke them on the wheel and now they help you and gain exp as they help deal with threats and after a set amount of exp points that Exile Fighter I should become an Exile Fighter II up to the maximum of Tier IV

I do not think they should be able to progress to the level of a Named Thrall or above one. that would just make Named Thralls not mean as much other than the Recipes they would give you access to at stations.

The added Emote Commands like:
Stop Following.

As well as Commands to allow us to tell the Entertainer Thralls to Dance and to Stop Dancing. It would be nice to be able to stop them when we do not need the Corruption Healing or Regen Buff, the sound of their feet scuffling around becomes annoying very fast.


i concur! i wonder if somebody could mod it in if this never officially happens

Na yes whats the point befor they omprowe the AI and make them usefull in the game. Now ther just farming material for other player. Waist of resurses and worktime. Yes they are helpfull in a purge if they by some miraculer reason have survived.

Joel mentioned in a Stream the possibility of a single player option to have more thralls follow you. Don’t know when or if that will be implemented.

I think having 5 thralls following you would be a good idea, also this would be perfect for PVP wars, RP PVP wars would be very fun with this going on, also they would help a lot when dealing with boss fights. Also this would be perfect for RPing a merchant and they can be used as bodyguards when your traveling the lands. :smiley:

As I understand it this would only be for single player where you are unlikely to have a party to fight world bosses.

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if they do it for single player that might as well open it up for mp, just make it a server option.

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Making it a server option would be a good idea. :smiley:

I suspect they would… but the whole point of it in single player or co-op is that it is all but impossible even at level 60 to solo some of the stuff now… well unless you have 4 or 5 hours.

I like that idea, as well. Options, the more the merrier!

I agree it would be a good server option for people to do as they like with their own servers. But 5 thralls would make some things too easy. Imagine 5 thralls with warhammers against one other player or 5 archers. OK maybe he is skilled and can take the 5 thralls and one other player. Or also maybe a person is skilled enough to take on 3 players and three thralls. It seems possible. But then let’s say we have three players and that’s 15 thralls and three players against one solo player. Instead of each additional player being a bit more difficult to handle it makes it exponentially more difficult. 18 archers and three players would just steamroll all content and opposition unless the other players also had 5 thralls each.
For example:
1p v 1p+ 1t (2 opponents) Not that difficult
1p v 2p + 2t (4 opponents) Very Difficult
1p v 3p + 3t (9 opponents) Very High skill required but possible to survive against low skilled players

Your Proposal
1v 1p + 5t (6 opponents) Already requires very high skill even against low-skilled players
1v 2p + 10t (12 opponents) Almost impossible to survive even against just 2 scrub players
1v 3p + 15t (18 opponents) 3 scrubs can kill any solo player

Now also imagine a server trying to keep up with all that data. I think the servers would just crash in a 5v5 skirmish because then it would be 36 v 36. Or two clans fully manned would be 60 v 60. Games that tried these mass battles end up having terrible lag and are not fun to play with such bad lag.