Multiple folowing thralls

Could you please add a slider to server setting that would allow us to have more thralls following us around. This would be amazing as it would allow us to fight battles that would be much more imersive and maybye even more competitive (becuase you would have to think what tralls to bring with you).
And it would nicely compliment the thrall update
(and imagine the sieges!! :heart_eyes:)


Yes please!
And most importantly, the ability to have them mounted on a horse and following.

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Imagine what the green wall will look like when the player runs through it with an army of followers.

@DonorBo A search found this mod:

@Thea it’s experimental in that mod

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They actually spoke about wanting to do that if it was ever possible in an Q&A on YouTube a while back if I remember it correctly.

I’d love if it was possible, but only if the AI and the followerdamage was to be fixed first.

Have a great day everyone…

Can’t honestly say that I’m a fan of the idea. Private servers you can do whatever the hell you want, but as far as official settings and general game balance goes, I don’t see this working out. I’d rather CE not turn into a generic Ark clone where all the fighting is done with followers and you are just there to point them in the general direction of your enemy. We’ve got enough problems with thralls being way too powerful relative to the player as it is.


I would not expect this in the near future. the current player/thrall balancing is broken and it is broken since ages. adding more thralls as followers make the balancing way more complicated as today. sure you can argue that’s my server and therefore it is my problem when I screw up the balancing on my server but that’s not the way a feature is added to a game. if they ever add multiple followers than not with off by default and therefore balancing is key

Thanks for sharing @Dzonatas!

This would be absolutely horrible for pvp, would kill the pvp community off.

Then why not limit it to PVE and offline single player mode.

I mean that would be mazing XD

Probably like meatgrinder :sweat_smile:

Yea I know about this one but I would love if funcom made it in the accual game :grinning: I could then be modded even further :heart_eyes: (and usable on the oficial servers)

Oh, well that makes me considerably more happy
thanks for the info

Well I thought that this could be fixed by the fact that only player could use horses which would make him considerably more powerful
I dunno, but I think that it is worth the try

I agree the system as it is, is broken, but I just thought that It would be really cool feature (even if by default it would be off)

Well I think that with some significant balance it would be possible but I meaned it more for the roleplaying servers and PvEs (and single) and even in those there would have to be some major changes

exactly, or just give at as a slider option whitch 1 by deafult

Thus making horses an absolute requirement and arbitrarily limiting the player to just a couple of playstyles. Horse archer or mounted knight. No thank you.

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