More than 1 thrall allowed to follow you at a time


I know some will say it would mess with PvP, but if anything it just gives you more options in PvP while not taking anything away. Currently in singleplayer I was having a blast, building my little army, I wanted to be more about other skills while I was able to have a group around to protect me and help me grt more thrall, I got my 2nd fighter and then it says I cant have another following me?? I dealt with this in Skyrim and fallout, I thought companies would see that most players dont want such a limitation.

There are a couple of mods that allow you to have up to 10 followers on Steam Better Thralls Mod-ID: 931088249 and ThrallSideKick ModID: 1802389425 :slight_smile: (PC Version)

Sorta correct. Better Thralls is the mod that allows more then one follower, while ThrallSideKick serves other purposes (it’s even on the ThrallSideKick mod page that you need to use Better Thralls to support more then 1 Thrall). If you are able to use mods, Better Thralls is a must have for sure and Testerle is the bestest best ever. Anyways, didn’t mean to derail the purpose of the suggestion thread, just wanted to clear that up.


I can be perfectly locked in the room with the boss in the dungeon and one thrall just standing in a narrow aisle. What can we say about two-three. And what will raids look like on pvp-servers? Thralls are not very smart anyway, and sometimes they drown in lava, sometimes they get up in the doors, then (this is from new jokes) they simply stop beating and begin to retreat. In single you always have admin panel and mods
PS Dear administration and game developers. Please repair the thralls

Don’t see why it’s a problem to make it an option for PVE serves,but then even one good thrall is enough to take down any boss.meakes the game a bit boring.bosses need upgrades and not just amount of HP,but the whole AI needs lots of work as well

I d love to see NO thralls folllowing, but instead doing other tasks, like gathering resources (as most should do)… guarding a place eg base is enough from my perspective…

I think the best would be define how many followers we can have in server parameters, but continue to have only one for official servers, because of balancing.


This game on two other systems. Mods aren’t an option for ps4. This idea works better for offline single player mode. I HATE PVP. I really do. PVP reason we can’t have mounts. PVP reason we can’t have magic. PVP reason we can’t have settlement system.

PVP nerfs hurts PVE, solo players,online co-op and offline line single player mode.

Mods are just a band aid on what is needed.

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