Thrall Max Limit Implemented

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Did the hard-cap to thrall limit get put in yet?

Not yet and there has been no new news on an ETA. All we hear is :cricket:’s


Not just when. I’d also like to know what the hard numbers are on the limit, seeing as they never said the original numbers were set in stone.


Well at least the PvE server I play has the limits like FC said back then.
50 as a base and 5 for each player.

Its in the last server setting tab/section.

Did Funcom ever replied to the feedback?

Not that I ever seen. I think they said it was possible to change. I seen a lot of people unhappy with the original stated numbers. So I’m unsure if they will take that into consideration before implementing the limit.

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And not just what the hard numbers are, but whether we’re going to get a follower counter (and hopefully a way to get rid of unreachable followers) before they activate the culling logic.


I think that’s the reason there has been no news in the subject. They realized that just flipping it on like they had planned would screw a lot more people than they realized, and are coming up with some kind of thrall management functionality.

As for raising the cap, I was completely in favor of this before, but now that they have made me hate the leveling worse than the limit I think another 50 or so would be fine. I really don’t want to level another 100.


Bless your optimism. I need a regular dose of that to counterbalance my cantankerous disposition :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m in the same boat, but I do wish they would reconsider the formula. Just make the follower cap a linear function of clan size – every player gets 10 or 15 or 20 or whatever. It really sucks how nobody on PVE(-C) wants to join a clan :frowning:


Private or Official?

Official. You can see the server settings in the settings page.

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