Thrall Limits any?

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Problem: Thrall Limits
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Just checking in to see if thrall limits are still being implemented in official servers. I have not seen any topics on this for several months and as a player with over 100 thralls didn’t want to get blindsided. I assume this has been put on the back burner as the game has become more robust.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I’m waiting to hear about this as well, I know originally it was supposed to be coming after the second follower update or around that time but I know for a fact they said there will be a two week window after its announced to get your thralls in order, so I wouldn’t be too worried about a sudden cull of your thralls, I imagine when it’s ready or if it’s going to happen you will be warned ahead of time.

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Yes you are right on that I remember reading that myself all ready set my server limit to 110 awhile back when the thralls were not decaying that was a mess to clean up.

I’m on official pve-c and are already hovering round the 50 thrall mark make it easier for when it comes in, I play solo and most of my thralls are level 0 throw away Cimmerian berserkers and will be easy to get rid of if I need to.

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