Gameplay changed since update

Game mode: [Online | official server #3099 ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU - germany]

I lost 7 fighter thralls before raiding time and 5 horses.
My purge fighter thralls with 18k life has now 8k life.
I died fully equiped 7 times against a Player with no clothes which was equiped only with a spear.
I do nearly no damage at all, i skilled 7 times in different ways.

So Can anyone tell me what happened to the game?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

The HP reduction of your purge thralls was something this latest patch was supposed to do. There was an across the board reduction of all follower thralls’ HP as well as all boss HP values. This is to make the thralls used in PVP less OP. Since bosses and follower thralls both got nerfed, the game play really hasn’t changed (PVE boss battles are quicker now since they have less health). As for your missing fighter thralls, double check in your follower tab to make sure you haven’t surpassed the max tame limit. If you go past it the game will randomly delete placed follower thralls and pets (crafter thralls and stored thralls are exempt from this count) until it reaches the allowable limit.

Thrall limits not supposed to be turned on yet. @Gr0gnak if it’s on is a mistake we are 2 get 2 week notice.

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well you are right the limit is not turned on yet , on another hand the feature for it exist since the riders of hyboria ( mount ) update , and private server owners have activated it , this is why there is a lot of people saying that the limit is active while it is not on official servers :wink:

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Thanks for reminding me it wasn’t turned on sestus2009. :+1:

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Any time. Just so you know I have the limit turned on in my server and it will give you a warning message when you try to place over limit at least currently. @Gr0gnak

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