Latest update causing issues with followers


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [European]

After the latest update me and my friends who play in PvE servers have been having issues with the fighters and pets, we are unable to see the hp of our followers which has been really frustrating as I am unable to decide if I should back off mid-fight to let my follower heal or not.

Another issue is that the followers would sometimes stop in their spot and stop following me, which results in me having to go back and find them to trigger them to follow me.


Hello @ramenchan, we’re aware of the first issue and currently looking into it, regarding the second, does it happen with both followers and mounts?

I haven’t tried with mounts but so far with my experience it only happened with my followers.

Yep… Had the same issues

hi! Yes me too. same frustrating problem!

I can also confirm this I lost a thrall.
Riding from shattered springs to den got dismounted by rock nose kill rock nose get on horse ride away. Get to den realize the loneliness of running in without thrall. Look at follower menu says thrall is following used commands still nothing had to go to thrall tell to stop following then have it refollow.

Also there is a weird bug where thralls will fight and if you’re to far away theres no damage where as they would typically one shot the enemy I have yo get close for any damage to register.

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