Is Followers II out? I'm confused

It looks like this was supposed to drop yesterday, but while I have the new DLC, I don’t see any of the follower updates and my server is completely up-to-date. I see they had a slight delay yesterday but it looks like it was supposedly resolved?

Yep, the update is live. My server is up and running with it.

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Are you using mods, such as Pickup + in particular? Some out of date mods are blocking the new Thrall systems.


yes it is and I’m not sure but it might have coused a problem for my follower because the map points her location inside my base when I logged in again(for the record,single player) last time Iogged out it was not active yet,event log also say’s she happy munching at home in my base,last guarding position is my base but law and behold she is not there,standing right on top of her it is like she sank into the ground,so she is there but she is not.

Yeah I use about 10 mods and Pickup+ is one of them.

Removed Pickup+ and the options are now there, but my server is crashing over and over with this latest update… so while one thing is fixed, a bigger problem has raised it’s head.

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