Thrall Follower Cap

I’m not sure if this was already announced and I missed it somehow but has funcom announced what the Thrall Follower Cap is going to be?

Not yet. It is not activated either, afaik.

Maybe thats also a bug?

Because taking KOed thralls via teleport is suddenly a bug now…
And such a bug, that the fix wasnt even in the changelog…

Wondering If you still can take KOed thralls through loading Screens…

With how easy it is to wipe out thralls and animals, I personally hope they do some serious testing if they plan to ever use it. I would rather no limit to thralls as by the time we get near what would be the cap anyway, The raiding starts and thralls levels are either still 0 or only halfway before the fighting starts.

I am wondering if the reason the thrall follower cap was never implemented is that the amount of time needed to level thralls is essentially a cap on how many thralls are on a server…

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That will be the day…lol

you might be right , maybe players have been scared and reduce their thrall population , or maybe most of the players had no real way before to delete an overload of thralls ( and over a certain number it directly impacts the way your base load ( when loged out and when you arrive in rendering distance ) and wasn’t to close to the vulcano’s lava … so when the people could finally break bond with “useless” pets ( the ones you get to obtain a greater for example ) that they placed early game without knowing they would stick with them so long …

maybe it’s a little bit of both :wink: ( also we have to remember that with the introduction of leveling system all former placed pets/thralls were destined to deletion since they were not able to level up ! )


Not really if you stop and think about it. Level zero thralls are weak and die rather easily.

So on a PvP server, if someone places a ton of “naked” thralls and never levels them, a raider is just gonna wreck them. If they give the thralls armor and weapons and still don’t level them, the thralls are still fairly weak being low on hit points, so then you are are just feeding weapons and armor to an enemy.

So on PvP servers people are more inclined to not place a bunch of thralls and instead level them as they go, which is a limiter on the number of thralls in the world. This is even more true on the new map as thralls are a scarce resource there.

On PvE servers, sure this may be more of a problem of people placing tons of thralls. But they still have to deal with the purge mechanic so placing a ton of naked thralls is a still a risk. And I would think this would deter people from not leveling their thralls.


The initial plans were 55 for a clan of one player, adding +5 for each additional member, up to 100 for a clan of ten. They also sayd that this is subject to change and would be pronounced in advance if finally enabled.

It is not a bug and the hard cap was a controversial idea from the beginning, beeing enforced essentially because of the server performance.

How? This was a bug from the beginning, the devs even stated this on a stream and making it up like an insider´s tip.

Have you tried ever since? Don´t be fooled by the mere appearance, though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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