Thrall Leveling, Limits, and PVE

Firstly, the Thrall Leveling, that will be cool, I look forward to it.

Thrall limits, I completely understand the rational but will be hard hit by it. I play moistly solo on PVE so depend on pets outside to be my Purge buffer and Thralls inside to stop an in base purge before it destroys everything.

I’ve reviewed the official announcement but do not see if the update will include an option to dismiss a thrall or pet. Has anyone seen any information about this option?

And a careful re-read of the announcement shows the process:

" What happens to Followers already placed when the patch hits?

There will be a grace period where you can use to Break Bonds command to dismiss old followers before we turn on the limiter to automatically remove old thralls."

If you’re playing solo you have the ability to turn the limit function off.

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