Thrall Limit on pve? Let me bag them!

I know a lot of people are complaining. I sort of get the motive for pvp servers, but on pve/c my endgame is to build bases, big and lots. I have invested 2k hours on official 1036, building big bases and fleshed them out with followers everywhere, so they feel alive. I have 12 Bases on that server, all fully manned and even small villages for thralls next to the bases.
I know I am not alone and we have several dedicated builders on our server and each one has far more than 400 thralls.
I spent months capturing them, gathering resources, to dress them and that now all will be gone?
If that’S the case, i will spend the next weeks taking ingame pictures of the bases and then i am gone as well.
At least give me the chance to pick them up into my inventory and store them, that way i can make sure my favourite followers will not be deleted.
It is sad to see such a drastic change, especially for pve endgame, if building is your thing and staffing bases with placed pets and thralls, then funcom is taking that away
Again, let us bag those followers that are dear to us!!!


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