New Thrall Limit

So who else was extremely disappointed with the announcement of the thrall limit coming into play? 100 per clan, really? One of my bases has a defencive wall on it with about 200 archers, and that doesn’t include the 120ish pets behind it, or the 140 relics inside it. I guess Funcom thinks that if you invest time into your defenses that they should just remove the defenses for people.

Their answer, “a server of 40 people would mean up to 4000 followers”…and that’s going to lag the game? Massive building cause far more lag then thralls do…THATS where the issue needs to be fixed.

Since Im in a clan of 8, each with our own bases, our total thrall/pet count is likely closer to 1000…how are we to know which are going to disappear when this patch hits? Will a basic level scorpion pet survive the culling but I will lose Relic Hunters?

This is, in my opinion, a terrible move.


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