New Follower Limit - Feedback thread

SSD doesnt really fix issue. It helps, but isnt a “fix” to stop it. Your still gonna get lag around these places.

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PS4 pro user here: I have ~1 bluescreen in a month. You know when? When I log off and close the app to fast.

Dont have any SSD… Lag near big bases with many altars. Has nothing todo with thralls… But hey, lets add a cap to thralls :smiley: And if it does not help, lets add a cap to buildings…

In 1 year, you are only allowed to have 1 thrall and one hut, then it runs “smoothly” :smiley: :smiley:

Why do private servers have not so much lags on PC, than officials?? :wink:


I’m sorry, has nothin to do? I’ve walked past forest of pets… and watch system just drop to 1-5fps as I crawl thru area, and watch as they slowly load in… Bases there or not.

Its part of issue.

If they don’t wanna add land claim flags and building limit to stop stutter and lag issue there… they gotta do it somewere.

Next on list is thrall/pet limits.

Thrall limit on consoles would help greatly, and is good start… But the work around is simple. Build bigger base instead of 100’s pets on yard…lol

Then again, another fix is a “kill” or “delete” option for unwanted pets and thralls so people dont leave them out everywere. XD

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Yeah, too many things on one place = lag fest.

But “the things” doesnt mater.
Limiting thralls will help with thrall-armies… Not with big bases which produce the lag without any thrall.

Its a band aid for the real problem: either bad coding/engine or crappy servers, which cannot withstand the load.

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I think I hate the fact legacy followers won’t be getting the levels and growth… Otherwise cool.

Can’t I knock them out and break them again for retroactivity? Sorcery them into a random new named thrall?


Thralls and pets are far more performance intensive then buildings. Placeables is about the same.


Compare how many building pieces you can farm in an hour compared to thralls. Like Ive explained above, I have roughly 400-450ish thralls/pets around my base. I have about 12-15,000 building pieces. If I put my nose to the grindstone, in a couple hours I can make several thousand more pieces.

What it will boil down to on PVP servers now, is people will just build and spam more. If you cant have many thralls for defence, you need to make your base thicker. So, remove my 300 thralls/pets. Ill just add 40K more pieces. That doesn’t solve anything.

I designed my base specifically for using thralls as defence, since a few bombs can take down doors and walls now. I made my base so that if attacked, you will need to invest massive amounts of time, and resources (weapons/armor/arrows) to breach my base. Now? Useless.


Shrink base abit, redo thralls and defenses.

Its alot work… I think alot of us will be redoing are bases in long run. If you can’t fill courtyard with 200+…maybe people will shrink there yards a smedge or add more walls and better placed thralls.

If they wanted to reduce the number of thralls being used they should have kept the hunger system in. They could also implement a similiar “maintenance” system to buildings to reduce massive land claiming. Outright restrictions tho?! No thanks


I’m happy about this update, there MUST be a limit for all the thralls we can have, actually, i believe 100 is still too much but understable for a FULL clan with large bases, not for a single person with tons of time to build.
They still need to be fed, somehow that doesn’t include the player having to farm food everyday (tough it’s a survival game and that should be more important to survive than to have pretty bases)

No one should be safe in this land, i would love a game mechanic that makes that having too much land and thralls makes them rebel agains’t you and they leave or sabotage from the inside.

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Oh for sure, that’s about the only thing that can be done. Sadly though, to see so many hundreds of hours to get set up, equip (yeah I gave all my fighters silent legion and archers got flawless assassin armor), and design my base the way I wanted it.

Funcoms reply: meh go smaller.

So much for no restrictions.


Since all my experience is in PvE, I’m curious as to how many full-fledged bases a typical (and active) 2 - 4 player PvP clan is apt to have, vs. how many outposts, vs. hidden caches. Do most of you guys have just a single main base, a couple outposts, and then a smattering of hide-outs? Or is it more like in PvE where each player will have a full base, and you’ll share a few outposts amongst yourselves?

I’m just trying to figure out how Funcom could have arrived at such a small per-clan target population for defenders. The only thing that comes to mind is having only 1 small to medium sized base** with good coverage, and maybe 1 or 2 outposts with a skeleton crew.

** By a small base, I’m thinking something like a multi-floor base of the minimum foot-print necessary to accommodate a large wheel internally, at least 1 of every crafting station, with a maproom on an upper floor or some such.

I can tell you that from the standpoint of someone who primarily needs to defend against Purges (rather than people), it will be virtually impossible to properly staff more than 1 or 2 bases. Even for a square tavern just large enough to house a protected maproom, you’d need 16 archers (4 per side), at least 1 dancer, and few ground troops. That’s 20 thralls right there, possibly 1/4 to 1/3 of a clan’s total allotment for what I’d consider to be a minimal defense — one that’s only viable if the Purge spawns properly (i.e. at a distance) and not on-base.

For those of us playing on Official PvE servers, this is pretty much a death knell to public works, fun RP-based sites (e.g. taverns, brothels, villages, zoos), or even being able to clan up with more than a single other friend that you’re comfortable sharing a single house with. :cry:


As someone who has been playing this game from the very beginning actively and for the most part on pvp. I’ll say I like this change. I don’t necesarly like that the changes are not retroactive for rare thralls but hey it will give me an excuse to return to the game execute order 66 on my old thralls and prepare for this new setting. I could go on about the merits of rebuilding, adapting on a survival game but the truth of the matter is that having 500 thralls in a single base CREATES LAG, having a base that expands aaaall over the Set City oasis CREATES LAG, so I do look at this as a positive change. Use your brain, choose a strategy and prevail … or host a private server see how that goes. :wink: .


Noob. Max enc is for loser :wink:

Just kidding. But seriously, i use less of it now with a bearer/rhino. I let them unfollow back to base with 20,000 iron ore while i fill up on wood to 385 lbs in a semi fighter build.

Finally, some hard decisions being made for the good of the game.

100 does seem small, and it is said it is a starting point. Rather they go small and increase, than promise 200, then realize they need to cull it 150 and people lose 50 thralls they leveled.

This may be the price we pay for mounts. Reducing server load to utilize as much processing power to render makes sense. And for those with machines that can handle higher loads, it doesn’t necessarily mean the game engine can. The framework of this game is built on 3 year old specs max, so it will hit limits. It also may be a way for them to remove a lot of unused land claim only area so we can actually enjoy the mounts. I posted sarcastically (but not entirely untrue) that mounts may not be fun if i am constantly jumping sandstone claim threads and dodging altars/vaults all over the place.

As @Multigun posted, this will hopefully improve officials because every thrall that gets loaded has a lot of under the hood stuff that makes them tick, and thus more thralls, more drag on the game. Reducing can only relieve some of that.

And finally, There is a setting for Privates. Do not know if it is front end. If it is, then it will be available for solos. This mainly will effect only officials. hopefully bringing in a more dynamic group of players, and thus maybe some DLC buys and push the game thru to year 4.


All of our clan members have their own bases and our own outposts. How are we supposed to defend these places with such a small cap?

If the issue is server lag, then the obvious solution is to cap the number of thralls allowed in a land claim. Not by individual or clan size.

Our clan is already discussing splitting apart. Which obviously implies we are all going to have to rebuild and start over. I can’t begin to describe how frustrating this is.


If this benefits Official PvP servers, then I’m happy for you, really. But this sounds like the end of the road for how players on Official PvE servers have fun and build a sense of community. I’m praying that (for once) this is an issue that receives a separate setting between Official PvE and the PvP-enabled servers.

IMO, what would help the performance of servers even more is if they could fix the bug that allows orphaned pets/thralls to linger around months after the last member of that clan has left. Even improving the thrall/pet decay mechanic to being tied to landclaim (like we’ve both talked about before) would likely do the trick.

Also, as someone who is on a server that’s been hitting the player cap lately (because it’s apparently the only PC PvE in NA with an active population), I’ve got another performance-improving suggestion in mind. Instead of hiding full servers in the server browser, hide over-populated servers! Seriously, if half the players who have recently arrived on the one I play on (from the past 2 sales) had instead picked an empty server, that server would now be the #2 Official PvE in NA on PC.

I’ve noticed far greater performance impacts from having way too many players on the server than I ever did from all of the long time players having the large bases we PvE players all know and love.

@WhatMightHaveBeen: Can you, @zerog, @Barnes, and/or any other well-experienced PvPers comment on the question I asked in the first paragraph of my previous reply? I’m genuinely trying to figure out if PvP clans’ building habits are significantly different from PvE clans’ given the low thrall cap the devs are initially considering. To me, vinak’s suggestion of limiting population in a geographic vicinity or landclaim seems more beneficial.


Which raises the question: why can private servers handle more, as you can raise the limit?


Blowing a fart lags this game on and off line. If the devs would put way more focus on tightening up the performance problems and get the game well and truly optimized, these would be lesser issues for all.
Seems to me the game shouldn’t have been built on an old game engine which, in my humble opinion, made it top heavy and prone to performance problems. There’s got to be a better solution.

You can’t stop an arterial bleed by putting a box of Band-Aids on it.


It depends on a few things. What size is the clan? Duos operate differently from any other structure because you will live in the same base and share everything openly. In a raiding duo team, you will branch out and build together, and pull defenses in tandem.

Anything from 3-10 is “every man has a vault” mentality, with daily contributions required. Usually on a relaxed server each player will build on the main fortifications and be given a barracks room. Anything constructed outside of Community buildings needs to be built and maintained on the player’s time and dime. I’ve only played like this once, and it was when Frozen North dropped. Everybody joined at the same time so we were 8-10 strong. IOW, one major clan base, leapfrogging to another area, kicked off through expeditions by clan leaders.

However, most servers are an agglutination of players. Some clan members started out solo and joined in with the alpha when things went quieter. Others joined up with other solos on a friendly server. This means each member could potentially have his own substantial holdings, each requiring a great deal of defense.