Thrall Limit Discourages Clans, Encourages Solo Play - Increases Base Count

Through talks with the players on our server, we have come to the conclusion that imposing a thrall limit will, for PvE at least, result in the opposite of what the intentions were in the first place. Many are already speaking out about how they will separate their 5-10 member clans in to individual clans to get by this thrall limit. What does this mean?

For a single clan of 5 members, instead of a 75 thrall cap and a single base you will now be faced with five individual clans, five individual bases, and a 50 thrall cap for each clan, with a maximum yield of 250 thralls.

While I understand the intentions of a thrall cap, we feel as if the opposite will end up being the actual case. Not only will servers not see as dramatic a decline in thralls as intended, they will see a rise in structures which are effectively worse than thralls in terms of performance from what I can tell.


Yes, this has been the problem with Funcom’s follower cap formula right from the start, and many of us pointed it out on the Great Feedback Thread back then.

There are several very valid rebuttals, or at least mitigating arguments:

  • This disincentive for clans will only affect newcomers. People who are already in clan are very unlikely to go through the whole mess of splitting up. It will happen in some clans, but more people will talk about it than actually go through with it.
  • Having no clanmates has some very real problems. For one thing, it complicates going on vacation. It’s an important incentive to clan up despite the follower cap.
  • The follower cap is meant to reduce the server performance impact that comes from excessive followers. Even if a clan with N members and M followers ends splitting up, the follower cap is doing it’s work if M > N * 50. This is much more common than people suspect: I’ve personally seen clans with more than 500 followers and fewer than 10 members.

Personally, I support the follower cap wholeheartedly, but I don’t like Funcom’s proposed formula. They’re still tweaking the numbers, but the formula is a simple linear function with a free constant: L(n) = Mn + C, where n is the number of clan members, C is the “base cap” for the clan (50 in the original formula), M is the “per member” increase (5 in the original formula), and L is the limit for the clan.

I think they should get rid of C and just make the limit be L(n) = Mn. That way every player always gets the same allotment of followers and there are no disincentives to forming (or joining) a clan.


wait for the annoucement, it has been already been officialy confirmed that the ammount of thralls limits will be higher than what was previosly announced.

Yes, it will be higher, but if it uses the same type of formula, the disincentive is still there. It’s a valid concern to express and good feedback to offer.


if it uses the same formula i will complaint, hehe

best way i think it to have a fixed number of thralls per player, if you are alone, you get that if you are in a clan your share of thralls is tranfered to the whole clan, (same proportion, in a linear way) larger the clan , larger the pool of thralls,

i am just curious about it, same with the details of server transfer…

Indeed, this would prove to be a much better formula. It still limits the amount of thralls a clan/person is able to place while not completely dismantling clans by severely impacting their thrall count.

I am interested to see how they move forward.

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I’ve had to clean up a clan that blasts seven or more animals pens, fully loaded. That doesn’t seem like much until that clan filled up the pens with more little ones. So, now it’s doubled, tripled, quadrupled, etc. the number of followers. You know it’s full when going near that base, which cost of rendering, especially the first time, almost crashes the client.


I am not sure, but seem to remember that annimals in pens don’t count to the limit. So people could continue to have massive purge, gold, silver farms

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Sorry but i laughed out loud at that :slight_smile:
5-10 people clans on PVE official are extremely marginal… I would say the thrall limit will hurt pve players, like everybody else, but the potential clan splitting that will follow won’t have a large effect. Thus the thrall limit will do exactly what it’s meant to do.
It’s all for the greater good!


Yes its both bad and silly that we have to babysitt the game and bound to it all the time!

Yes the risk is to big to join up a clan whit someone you dont know, have to be a real life frend or maybe some one you have build up a trust to after a long time gaming. Othervise you risk loosing everything by looting or ben kicked or simply baned if one member do some stupid stuff.

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I would really like to see the ability to pick up fighter thralls and store them, without losing their levels. Then any follower cap doesn’t matter as much cause you can just store any amount for a rainy day.

In addition to this I would like to see the ability to place crafter thralls down as fighters. Then you could dress them however you wanted, pick them up again, and place them in a bench.


I never thought of that! Imagine a carbonite-freezing feat, then you could use them to decorate your walls :slight_smile:

laughs in hutt


I kind’ve support the thrall cap but it all depends on what the numbers will be once it’s finally announced … before my last member left and quit the game when the thrall cap was first announced about a year ago he helped me get my old accounts I had but stopped using into the clan so even though I’m a solo player I could have more thralls I’m pretty sure many solo players have already done this as well … I guess will just have to wait and see what the finals numbers will be hopefully soon

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Me too, but I’m a PVE-C player. I imagine they don’t want to implement it because it would be abused on PVP servers. Just pick up an army of thralls from your base, run to your enemy’s base, place your army, commence the raid.

They don’t count. Neither do crafters. Only those followers that are placed in the world, because they have AI.

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what about a 100 limit for everyone and nothing affects clans.

Yes, to bad they removed that option. Now i can be a problem whit the leveling and gear change but as many time sugested b4 ad an barak/Zoo/gravyard you can plase thralls and animals and undead to sleep and more and be able to spawn when needed. then they will just be as a loot in a box and no stress on the server.

Another reason to ad separat rules for pvp and pve. Understand as you say the problem on pvp but a blessing on pve. But as some barak/Zoo/gravyard to store spawned folowers to spare the servers.

no, just no. Picking up thralls is a bad idea.

It is totally unnecesary even for pve.

What will be well received is the capacity rato remove levels and feats from deployed thralls.

What’s next? Pack the base?

There are mods that allow you to pick up building pieces instead of getting 1/3 of the mats back when you demolish them. They’re rather popular, too.

I’m just saying, if you’re going to criticize something, provide some arguments why it’s bad, instead of a vague slippery slope prophecy :wink:

Specifically, I don’t see what’s so bad about being able to pick up your thralls in a pure PVE game.