Topic Thrall limit, death for soloplayers!

It will be even harder to go solo in this game, if you are 2+ player you can always bost up to the hard cap but no chans as a singel player!!

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There is already a thread discussing this…
@Ignasi @Hugo
Needs to be folded into that.

@Masmassu this is how come we can never get responses from CMs. A great tool is the search area to see if similar posts already exists. Feel free to join those discussions.


No its no topic on this, its other about the update but not about this part!

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Actually it is. Many are mentioning that. Again, just trying to keep more f9cus in one spot so CMs can actually process. oh well enjoy.

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No its not!!!

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I’m a solo player and I still think the limit should be lower.


Yes maybe, dont know but the problem is that the limit for a singel player will be 65 folowers and a clan whit 2 player is 180. A quite big gap ther.

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Clan with 2 players - 80 (soft one). Single player hard cap - 165, clan with two players - 180.

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No its 180, thats how the system work… Sadly

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You have base - 50 and +15 for each clan member. 50 + 15*2 = 80.

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And a cap on + 100 on that! so total 180

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So this is a hard cap. When comparing hard caps, the solo player will have 165. Why are you trying to compare different limits?

When you reach the soft limit, you can no longer place new companions. When you reach hard, the companions are removed.

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No the soloplayer will never be able to bump up the extra +100 never ever after the system gos live but will be NP for 2+ member clan.

So back to how it is:
that the limit for a singel (or last activ player in a clan, but then you only get the extra +15/members) player will be 65 folowers and a clan whit 2 player is 180. A quite big gap ther.

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Well, 2 players can only get 65 * 2 = 130, not 180. But when the companions are killed. They’ll have to split up and hire them again. It doesn’t make much sense, considering that the avatar will still kill almost all satellites in the affected area when attacking.

No it 180 and nothing ells… its just put 100 thralls in youre pocket and exit the clan plase them and then join again. And puff you have 180 folowers in the clan but a soloplayer are stuck whit the 65. only diferens from a 3 + clan is that you have to do that 2 times.

After you leave the clan, you can only plaсe 65. Because you are a solo player. And the second person will not be able to bet more than 65. Total when they combine will be 130.

Yes then you join and leav again and put out the next 35,

No, 65 followers is not a “death for solo players” in PVE. You might not like the limit, and that’s your right, but saying that it’s “death” is a ridiculous exaggeration.

The only reason why you would need more than 65 followers in order to survive in PVE is if you have a huge claim that needs to be defended from swarm-type purges, like Cimmerian Berserkers or Sobek Cultists. If that’s the case, you have several options:

  • be a good neighbor and reduce the claim
  • rely on the rest of the server community to help you
  • move to a private server where they don’t mind huge claims

But you still cant use the hard cap as bigger clan can! But whit youre arguing it makes even more when bigger clans cap is 180+, 3 tims more then a singel player. That makes it even more unbalansed.

Then jump is a big problem!

Are we still talking about PVE? Because you tagged this topic as PVE. There’s no “imbalance” in PVE, because you’re not competing with other clans.

“I can’t place as many followers as a clan” is at least debatable, although that particular debate would boil down to “duh, that’s why it’s a clan”.

“Not being able to place as many followers as a clan makes me unable to survive in PVE” is not even debatable. It’s plain false.