Topic Thrall limit, death for soloplayers!

Well its still a to big jump and a bad system when soloplayer are excuded from the use of the hard cap whit no chans to trigger it!

But that a 2 payer clan needs 3 times more then a singel player is weard to!

Maybe this is a stupid question, surely a solo player would make a friend or two to help to bump up to the hard cap. No?


But to invigt some you dont know is a big risk you take to. Needs alot if trust for that. The clan system is not that well built.

The hard cap is not meant to be used deliberately. It’s there as a buffer, so that your followers don’t get automatically deleted when someone leaves your clan or when you join clans. Anyone who deliberately bumps their follower count up to the hard cap is taking a big risk and setting themselves up for future problems.

Having no chance to “trigger” the hard cap as a solo player is actually a good thing, for several reasons, one of them being that you can join a clan in the future with minimal fuss.

The system is not bad, unlike your burning urge to abuse it :smiley:

On top of that, there actually are two ways to get to the hard cap as a solo player. One involves finding a friend you can trust to help you out. Another involves paying hard currency for that lack of trust, i.e. buying a second copy of Conan Exiles.

Again, a 2 player clan does not need 3 times more than a solo player. They don’t even get 3 times more than a solo player. You’re treating the hard cap as something it isn’t.

Sure, you could point out that many people will treat it that way, but that’s their freaking problem. As long as we’re not talking about PVP, where the competitive nature of the game mode makes this a much more serious issue, then you’re just throwing a temper tantrum over having more candy than you need but not as much as the kid next to you.


Well that why I say friend, not someone you don’t even trust. If you don’t trust them build a ring of wall with fences(it must be big enough so that the land claim in middle are free) surrounding them and pass them the thrall to place down. After that invite them and kick them as soon as you can. The whole point of this show if you want bump up to the solo player hard cap you do not need them stay for long.


The whole point is to prevent follower spam on servers. If a solo PvE player needs nearly 200 followers what the heck are they doing anyway but spamming the server? In other modes, why should solo players have as likely a time surviving as a clan anyway?

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This whole thread is ludicrous. I have never needed 65 thralls EVER in pve as a solo player let alone more. Your entire argument is baseless unless you are land claim spamming AND follower spamming in which case go cry me a river. This is exactly WHY the follower limit is needed. OP has made no aruments to support his claim other than “YOUR WRONG!”. Please just close this thread down.


180 is 3 times more then 65 do the math. Its not me that try to abuse but it will be a stadndard prosedur for clans.

Its not about the how many folowers you (or what i need) need but its about how a 2+ menbers clan easyely can abuse the hard cap and a singel player cant.

Its a system that will be abused alot when its go live!

How about you don’t treat me like I don’t know math and I won’t treat you like you can’t spell? If you’ve read everything I wrote, then you know perfectly well what I was saying.

Like I said, complaining about being unable to abuse the system is not going to garner you any sympathy either from Funcom or from other players.


So you say Funcom dont want to know and be able to prevent abuse of the system? Or the system is as intended and then its not an abuse only unfare.

How common do you think it will be abused?

No, I’m saying that I believe Funcom knows that this is an abuse of the system, but that anyone who abuses it does so at their own risk, for reasons I’ve explained repeatedly.

Just because they know this is an abuse and choose to let people hang themselves with their own rope, doesn’t mean you’ll get anywhere arguing that you should be able to abuse it too.

And since there are very good reasons for the existence of the buffer between the soft and hard cap, you won’t get anywhere asking for it to be removed, either.

Are you serious with these amounts of followers not being enough?


Is my solution not cutting it. At this point, you are arguing for the sake of arguing.
Beside if we take soft cap as the hard cap, you will just be complaining why a 10 man clan(20 each) is lesser than a solo player(65 each). And I noticed you tag this as guide but I see none of the guiding but more of complaining.


With certain manipulations, you can get companions to a hard cap. But the problem is that you have to store them somewhere. At this moment, you become an excellent target for a raid. I am more worried that now animal companions are not needed at all, because they are noticeably weaker than human companions.

I’m confused, death to solo players how? In PvP? You were never gonna out thrall a clan anyway. In PvE, quit spamming.

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Hitting the hard cap as a 10 man clan come with it own problem. Some of the few are
1: you cannot leave the clan without causing the hard cap to fall.
2: Have you try living in enclosed space with more a than hundred thrall. It probably been make worse with the recent update.

Is not me that have to abuse the system (if its an abuse) its player in generan that will do that sins sutch an ovius mecanic in the game to do.

Well most folower spams to day is animal and undead that is radom what T you get and have a decay time when not spawned and thats the biggest problem whit the spaming.

When it was no limit players spawnt the Nr they that was what they needed but whit the limit most player will spam up to max cap ASP and that is offen more then they have today.

So a singel player will spam the 65, 2 player 180, 3 player 195 … and so on.

But have fun come pointed out that its an abuse to exit, spam and join again? The abuse rules are abit uncler. Atleast its not an abuse if you have them b4 its go live…

Number between Soft cap and Hard cap meant to be a buffer to prevent accidental lose of follower for joining and leaving a clan.
To my understanding the soft cap is a warning by prevent player placing anymore and the hard cap is the bottom line going over it will have consequence.
As long as one is below the hard cap the system won’t start deleting.
Please take into account there are unforseen accident that can get the follower killed.
For example: for a 10 man clan that reach the hard cap 300. 1 got kill by accident, because they are already over the soft cap they can’t place a replacement and they can’t have 1 of their clan member leave because that would put the hard cap at 285 which result in system deleting the 14 weakest follower( judged by the system ).
Sure the 2 man clan and so on don’t this have issue but what if one got a bad roll on the perk and want to train another one? should ones alway go to a friend ask for help to increase the hard cap, bringing new one and repeat.
People are alway going for the easy road, maintaining the hard cap is going too much work and stressful only those whose play this hardcore is going to bother with it

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