New Follower Limit - Feedback thread

And what about RP players? Dont they have many thralls for RP reasons?


Well they do, but given that they seem to play exclusively on private servers (AFAIK), they should be safe from this so long as their admin disables the limits. The people this will impact the most are players on Official servers, or those whose admins aren’t wise to the change.


This may very well be the straw that breaks the camels back for the “refreshers” on my server.

Also means there is gonna be a lot more reason to login and play for the next few months.

Be nice if we could pack up our thralls rather than releasing them tho. Still, this is gonna help with the people who can’t walk by a baby animal without picking it up. And the 2 month players who leave armys of floating thralls.

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Good riddens! Next heavily reduce thrall player damage or make thrall pve only.

Actually, in any shooter game, the only advantage to a low end PC I can think of is like you mentioned, low graphics (no shrubs, grass or bushes render in). Any other aspect, a low end PC will be at a disadvantage, including FPS drops due to ROF of certain guns (muzzle flashes, too many animations etc)….but again, how far do you go to cater to low end specs?

Yes in Conan, bugs and issues such as loading and rendering on low end PC’s needed to be fixed to prevent exploits. But, again, that can be fixed by allocating more resources to load such things in faster. Now Im not smart when it comes to technical stuff like this, but I have a friend who is, and he says the loading rate in Conan is about 1/1000th of other games due to the lack of ??? (whatever is used) used to load in buildings/parts/thralls. Simply bump that up and load things faster, and you eliminate the ability to exploit that way. We all remember when you could move around while loading in, and that caused the issue of people walking into someones base before it loaded to loot it. How did they fix that? Band aid it by preventing player movement upon load in. They didn’t fix the core issue of load times.

Funcom has a long history of band aid fixing instead of solving core issues, and this is just one more example. With the thrall limits you are going to hurt player base defences all so that consoles and low end PC’s don’t lag? To me that makes zero sense. I know a balance needs to be found, but this just doesn’t seem right to me.


Thralls are easy to fight if you know what youre doing. That’s not the issue.


The 100 limit should be console only… 200+ on PC itlest. At certain point if 100 is killing you on PC… get a new rig. XD (I say that jokingly)

On consoles? There no upgrade option, its just murder showing up around mountain into one of those 90x90 pyramids of lag, with 100+ spiders, bears, rocknoses, wolves etc etc outside…not mention whats inside, and the 1fps you get trying navigate away isnt fun anymore.

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Consoles have SSD upgrade and the normal and better version (PS4 Pro and Xbox One X).

I’ve read many blue screen reports on this forum from PS4 Pro users that I’ve never had as a PS4 Slim user. I’m not sure the Pro is that much an improvement to play CE.

SSD doesnt really fix issue. It helps, but isnt a “fix” to stop it. Your still gonna get lag around these places.

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PS4 pro user here: I have ~1 bluescreen in a month. You know when? When I log off and close the app to fast.

Dont have any SSD… Lag near big bases with many altars. Has nothing todo with thralls… But hey, lets add a cap to thralls :smiley: And if it does not help, lets add a cap to buildings…

In 1 year, you are only allowed to have 1 thrall and one hut, then it runs “smoothly” :smiley: :smiley:

Why do private servers have not so much lags on PC, than officials?? :wink:


I’m sorry, has nothin to do? I’ve walked past forest of pets… and watch system just drop to 1-5fps as I crawl thru area, and watch as they slowly load in… Bases there or not.

Its part of issue.

If they don’t wanna add land claim flags and building limit to stop stutter and lag issue there… they gotta do it somewere.

Next on list is thrall/pet limits.

Thrall limit on consoles would help greatly, and is good start… But the work around is simple. Build bigger base instead of 100’s pets on yard…lol

Then again, another fix is a “kill” or “delete” option for unwanted pets and thralls so people dont leave them out everywere. XD

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Yeah, too many things on one place = lag fest.

But “the things” doesnt mater.
Limiting thralls will help with thrall-armies… Not with big bases which produce the lag without any thrall.

Its a band aid for the real problem: either bad coding/engine or crappy servers, which cannot withstand the load.

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I think I hate the fact legacy followers won’t be getting the levels and growth… Otherwise cool.

Can’t I knock them out and break them again for retroactivity? Sorcery them into a random new named thrall?


Thralls and pets are far more performance intensive then buildings. Placeables is about the same.


Compare how many building pieces you can farm in an hour compared to thralls. Like Ive explained above, I have roughly 400-450ish thralls/pets around my base. I have about 12-15,000 building pieces. If I put my nose to the grindstone, in a couple hours I can make several thousand more pieces.

What it will boil down to on PVP servers now, is people will just build and spam more. If you cant have many thralls for defence, you need to make your base thicker. So, remove my 300 thralls/pets. Ill just add 40K more pieces. That doesn’t solve anything.

I designed my base specifically for using thralls as defence, since a few bombs can take down doors and walls now. I made my base so that if attacked, you will need to invest massive amounts of time, and resources (weapons/armor/arrows) to breach my base. Now? Useless.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed the level 5 ENC perk to not be infinite carry, fixed the dupes / cold storage, and just wiped the servers in December.

I both love and hate the ease that comes with max ENC.

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Shrink base abit, redo thralls and defenses.

Its alot work… I think alot of us will be redoing are bases in long run. If you can’t fill courtyard with 200+…maybe people will shrink there yards a smedge or add more walls and better placed thralls.

If they wanted to reduce the number of thralls being used they should have kept the hunger system in. They could also implement a similiar “maintenance” system to buildings to reduce massive land claiming. Outright restrictions tho?! No thanks


I’m happy about this update, there MUST be a limit for all the thralls we can have, actually, i believe 100 is still too much but understable for a FULL clan with large bases, not for a single person with tons of time to build.
They still need to be fed, somehow that doesn’t include the player having to farm food everyday (tough it’s a survival game and that should be more important to survive than to have pretty bases)

No one should be safe in this land, i would love a game mechanic that makes that having too much land and thralls makes them rebel agains’t you and they leave or sabotage from the inside.

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