A Quick Note on the FAQ


How was it decided to limit a full clan to 100 followers?

  • The limit was decided after talking it through with programmers and designers and reaching an agreement that would allow for enough protection for a decent sized based and still be a viable gain in terms of performance.

So, this was posted, and I would like to take a moment to address this specific question, and this specific answer.

Personally, I would like to see limits. However, the flaw in the logic of this particular question and answer is that they assuming a clan has one base to defend. On both the PvE and PvP servers I have bases on, and note I said bases, there are many clans with more than one base.

I believe it should be 40-50 per person, no matter if they are joined or not. The FAQ also said people would lose the PvP cooperation. Not quite true, as we go into battle with other clans frequently with no issue.

Yes, this has been beaten to death. I just wanted to point to the flaw in the thinking.

I agree. A five follower bump per member is too low. Each player should be able to have a fill compliment of 55, in my opinion.

I will clarify that I really do not have a dog in this fight. I run my own private server for friends and family and we will not utilize the limits.

We also have people with hundreds of followers at their bases and we don’t suffer for it. For what it’s worth.

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