Limit Followers per base, not per player

I know players may abuse, but it would be better to limit the number of followers per base. Or maybe select a building that allow players to expand the limit. For example, for each map room you construct, you improve your limit by 10. And set a distance a player can build a map room from each one.

Thinking of RP and PvE, we like collecting thralls (as trophies and even decoration), besides the need them to defense. Consider increasing the number of thralls. We like full house!


This is without a doubt my biggest concern. 30 is just not enough, especially for offline players such as myself where RP / scenes is a big focus. Hopefully the setting can be disabled in offline mode on PS4.

where are you getting these numbers from? I just read the article and it says the BASE follower cap for a ONE man clan is 55.

What about thrall leaders that up the limit but have to give them gold otherwise the thralls under there command and them turn against you.

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I also play at PVE and strongly agree, not with the history of the map room, but with the fact that PVE cannot be treated with the same limitations as PVP, we understand all “balancing” as a “war and server”. fight "needs, but PVE is what you described, a trophy room, and slaves are the trophies.
And of course that’s where we put the armor we bought in the DLCs and there are 3 new ones in each new DLC, apart from the combinations we make of armor from different sets!


Maybe a limit on how many thralls a can have in an area would be better. 50 thralls per grid would still work

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“A player/clan will have a maximum amount of Followers available to them. This maximum amount grows depending on the amount of members in the clan. A solo player will have a maximum of 55 available Followers. If they create a clan, and a new member joins the clan, this maximum goes up by 5 to a maximum of 60. Each new clan member will add an additional 5 to the maximum allowed Followers. A full clan will have a maximum limit of 100 placed Followers total.”

I believe his question was directed at Crix.

However, I do believe the cap is too low. I think that the follower numbers per base should follow the same calculation as the decay timer. Perhaps a max of 75 for large bases, with lower numbers for smaller bases.


As you pointed straight away, this idea would be easily prone for abuse and straight away rendering the whole cap pointless.
Once again, our main RP communities are playing on private servers who can opt out of this limit altogether.
For any additional feedback regarding this topic, please feel free to share it in the main topic:


@Ignasi i know that isn’t meant to be insulting by you saying that the rp community is mostly on private servers but as someone who has been on the official servers since early access i find it to be a slap in the face to players who stuck around


Yes, apologies, I misread when I initially posted, 55 it is :slightly_smiling_face:

SP and private servers can choose not to have a cap, or adjust it. It was stated in the stream. So offline can do as they please with the cap system.

I agree with you. That is the point. I do not want to rent a server and pay extra money. The possibility for playing on officials is part of the buy of the game.

At first there were Avatars killed, now the thrall caps Limit. I bought a car, but to use it I have to buy my own roads or let it in the garage…. cool

Slowly I start to regret I have started to play this game. It hurts so as it was really the funniest game I played the last time. You can only hate what you loved before. But the frustration appearing on the horizon seems stronger then the pleasure i had until now. :sob:

Changing the rules while the game is still running sucks.

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Exactly what I think. GTA online, one of the greatest games, always upgrade, but never changed a single “already placed” resource. The heist I did 5 years ago, I can do it again in the same way right now. The apartment I bought 5 year ago, is the same right now. I can improve guns if I want (Only if I want), but they never change. New mechanics never change older mechanics. It should be a “cake recipe” in all games. Somehow, a way to respect and value current players.

But you are told how to drive it (speed limits, when to stop, etc.). Funcom is just putting a speed limit on the officials. If you want to go as fast as you want, you would need to do it on private property.

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Exactly what he said: “Changing the rules while the game is still running sucks.”

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They are constantly changing the rules (any update “changes” the rules). Its called balancing when we like it, nerfing when we don’t.

So its not only slap in PVE player’s face but to push players to private servers?

You are talking about glitches that have been fixed. I am talking about intentional game mechanics.

we are trying to talk to the developers right? see the implication is development. this is mostly cause and effect, ur complaint plays out as “hey everyone go colonize the desert and turn it into lag city”.

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