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Hey guys
Everyone have the right of An opinion if it means that it’s different from yours. I don’t agreed whit this new update. Not all the server have big clans bullying other clans. We are the biggest clan from our server and we eaven give star metal tools and legendary thralls to the new people that appear in the server. I m sorry but from my point of view you are putting the game on the trash you know? So many hours farming thralls spend and now you whant to take this from us? That’s simply unfair, it’s not the thralls that make the game laggy its the servers and the glitch. I have a base FULL of thralls and when it’s only me on the base the base it loads ok. You think it’s not far have a base full of thralls? Imagine to players that are in wars loosing their thralls and their hours of real life in this game and you do this? Is that far? I wanna give up from the game because if this, everytime I see your updates it’s rare we have something good it’s almostly Everytime bad news. You are taking our desire of playing this. If u make this from the beginning like this why are you taking out now ? Why don’t let the game be like u made it. That’s very unfair what your doing. Your looking and hearing the people that are being bullied in the other server but the big clans that doens t do anything and only trying to protect from their enemies staid vurnerably and pay for the other bullying clans. Nice job funcom.

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I don’t think it’s primarily due to bullying from clans that they are doing this. Griefers can always find a way to grief. I am gathering new thralls and going to stay positive.


Ok, then if it’s not because of that we have a major problem then. Because my clan it’s 10 people and we have a BIG base whit a wall full of the archers. And we ALL live in the same house. I see people whant them to put limit of buildings? Thats just…c Mon they made the game like this since the beggining and only know they are hurry whit the lag ? I don’t buy it. I play on PS4 and sometimes it’s laggy true but I know that they can change a lot of other stuff in the game and take out the laggy. This is ridiculously how can a full active 10 people clan live in a little house whitout protection?.. if we have walls around the base to protect it makes sense you have archers…wtr?..

There are a lot of people unhappy of this. Many of us would rather have no mounts than having a thrall cap, not THAT cap anyway.

For me, a good cap would be 250-300 follower per single player and 400-500 per 10 players clans. But these numbers are unlikely to be seen.

I just hope FC realize this situation before december, otherwise … “it’s been a pleasure, farewell !”

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True. This is unreal. They don’t listen us. Only their opinion it’s valid.
If they go whit this until the end well that will show us that they don’t care about players but only about what they whant of think it’s better. I’m very positive that not eaven 1 on them will replay my opinion because they only listen the people that have their opinion. Everyone in my clan it’s very unhappy whit the decision. I saw that you made like a inquiry and the number of people that doens t whant it’s FAR BIGGER that the ones that whant

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Yeah, I opened a survey to put numbers straight, but it was moved to be put toghter with the other threads, so it went lost when people start posting.

The fun thing is that I’ve suggested this cap to be applied only to SOME servers, leaving to everyone the choice of wheter to play with or without this cap, but again the “we hate other people’s works” guys didn’t listened.

Tell you what, if they’ll implement this cap, no one will get archers anymore (since they are more decorative than useful) and that’s the whole bulls**t behind this cap. Archers are only good (even then, not that good) when in big numbers. Otherwise they can be as well thrown in Pit of Yog and be used as roast meat.

If they’ll apply this cap to every server, they’ll kill this game and the “we don’t care about building” guys will play alone. That’s the only good thing in this situation.

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Oh man, definitely true all the stuff you said. This is just absurd and ridiculous. I m sorry but I need to say this, I mean, I hate bullying or the people that does it but I feel like that the developers are doing this because of the people that complain about don’t manage to destroy big clans that don’t bullying them. I mean I m almost sure that they are doing that also because of that people. I was in a server whit guys , a bit clsn very toxic, I left the server to another server and they manage to found me and now they are persuiting all my clan in the other server. We come back to the first server and we are fighting them very hard right now. It will take months to take them down but we are not complaining we are doing it and that’s it . The very it’s extremely laggy and because if the bubble it’s actually impossible to get in. But eaven like that , whit all the lagg and thralls we manage to kill all of them . The problem it’s the f***** bubble that doens t let you throw arrows inside and the last fences are there u know? That’s the real problem. So it’s not like that the lagg doens t let you destroy s huge base that’s a lie, we manage do to it. The real problem it’s like huge bases whit huge fences and a bubble covering the fences. If we manage to destroy a clan eaven whit the lagg why they say that it’s impossible? We made a base like this too, it’s impossible to enter whit the bubble. I think they need to change the bubble only to protect from the God’s and not the estructure from all the other damages.

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I feel that alot of people are going to get together and start renting server’s to play the way they want with the amount of thralls they want. Have had my own server over a year and have experienced fewer problems than occur on Ps4 official server’s. A team of players could pitch in together the price would be cheaper

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i play on xbox one s, my neighbor has a “big” sandstone base, but not wilth walls and roofs and so on, he just put down a big area of foundation and one house. after that he filled the complete area in and around his base with pets. i cant count them and i cant see all of them because i am not going near his base again… i always make a big detour around his base because when i come close to him my game starts lagging, and one time my game crashed… must be thousends.

i am really happy about the new update and cant wait for it to go live

Yes, I see your point, but I have a great solution (I keep repeating it, but no one seems to care): don’t make EVERY server with the cap.

Let’s say that there are 40 PVE Official Servers for Europe. Easy: 20 comes with a cap, 20 comes without it.
I want to play with cap ? I go to servers with cap.
I don’t want it ? I go to servers without it.

It’s simple, really !
I don’t even know why we are arguing for …

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Yeah, I would agreed whit u sooner but now I already have all my stuff and my base in that server, it’s an official PVP server. I already start a new game too many times, I don’t whant to start all over again. That’s insane starts again. And if they put the cap in the server that I am?.. I will need to leave it and start all over… No no no… Forget about it. Nobody it’s arguing I m pointing my view. If this goes forward I am gonna quick this game. Me and almost half of more of the players from Conan. And then we will have serves almost whitout nobody playing that’s what they whant and the people that whant this update so badly whants

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Yes, I understand your point. You’re right of course.
But it’s still better than having that cap on EVERY server, I think.

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@Rastigan @DBkPanther # @RichardDelta93 you all have good points. Have had some one put over 200 pets so close not sure how he managed to do it. Fortunately he built next to crocodile boss when he left shortly after making his mess we drew the boss crocodile thru multiple times. 2 types of official server’s would be fine by me. Not likely to happen but if put up to vote l in because I play official occasionally. Not changing anything isn’t likely to happen. Sorry man.

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