Don't join clans you will lose everything you own outside of inventory if kicked or leave

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[Well I just lost all my progress since day one release at level 40 because I joined a clan, got kicked and now the clan owns all my thralls,gear and buildings. Great job Funcom.

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It kinda is their fault, for giving disgusting people the means to ruin others fun, what will happen is, good people will get tired of being griefed and move on, trolls only fun is to be a douche to others, so without them to grief, they’ll move on to pestering on another game


You really like trolling people on the forums instead of actually contributing anything, a broken game mechanic on a Pve server is not the players fault and they don’t even give a clan leader controls on giving specific privileges to certain member ranks… If you start a guild everyone leaves and you get a bug that kicks you from your own clan then you lose everything. I had a friend start a clan with his friend, his friend and him some how got auto kicked so when they logged back on both people’s buildings and crafted items were totally gone aside from what they had in their inventory.

You must be bored, you have been nothing but a useless entity in every forum I have seen you in and the ones I post. I bet your the same moron that takes advantage of the thrall bug in Pve and kills them because you are too lazy to play the game an get/craft gear or just so much of a bum you just do it because “hurr Durr it’s a game duh thralls not my fault I’m a garbage individual” you are literally the type of person that gives console player a bad rep, congratulations, you’re a piece of S***…


Ignore him/her they just troll the forums and never actually post anything productive but insults, dev d*** riding and just pure useless troll replies to people seeking help. He/she has commented on a bunch of my other post as well as others just trying to piss people off and not offering anything of use.

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It really isnt funcoms fault you got kicked/left. Same goes for every game of the same genre. My advice, dont go joining in a clan with randoms, they will exploit you.

You should probably inform people of that prior, especially in a Pve server. Still, no clan role management, and if a bug which this game has many and I have, as I stated had people who started a clan all got kicked due to a bug meaning they all lost everything they built and gathered. I’ve played Rust and many other survival genre games and never seen a silly mechanic like this other then with Ark but at least they told you the consequences, but still should offer a function for clan leaders and higher ranks to decide what certain people/members have access to.

Otherwise, what is the point of a clan where being a higher ranks grants you no rank specific privileges aside from the leader who is able to promote or kick…?

It’s just the exact same in real life. You make a clan and after 40 years you can be kicked out of your won house.

At least in Conan Exiles you don’t have to pay alimony or child support.

It really is not funcom’s fault. Most MMO’s have a similar dynamic but might call it a guild or whatnot that can grief you if you just join anybody’s guild.

And also you point out “what’s the point of a clan”. What is the point of joining a clan - other than to share resources? So without this “share resources” mechanic there is no reason to join a clan.

Maybe It’s just because I’m older (I don’t know how old you are but maybe you’ve never had a nasty mad woman breakup IRL?) but all this is something that seemed pretty obvious to me.


Damn that really does suck, sorry to hear that. I’m currently not in a clan and think I may postpone that even longer as I wouldn’t want all my hard work being taken away so easily.

Is there any warning message when you join a clan saying that you give up the rights to all your stuff and it now belongs to the clan?


I’m not “butt hurt” what are you under the age of 21 or just have a childish like vocabulary? I am simply giving a rebuttal to your comment and pointing out what you do on multiple threads. I also play PVP, congrats.

No they do not give one, they do say if you disband a clan you made with no other members left that you will lose everything though, which I do not know why that even exist or why they would not put a similar message like that before forming or joining a clan. That is why I believe (god I hope it did not seem like a logical mechanic where one has a warning message the other does not) may be a broken mechanic or a bug. People have formed clans just to have the entire clan kicked (I figure a bug/glitch) that kicks them all so the buildings and anything, storage boxes, craft benches, thralls and so on that they have placed or built is totally gone. You join or create a clan all things you built or your members built from before and beyond will be gone if the clan disbands or you are kicked.

You can’t lock or regulate anything to members so a new member can do anything a officer can and has access to everything as well. A Clan leader can kick, add, promote and such but outside of kick they have no different options/rights from members, creating a clan is just as risky as joining a random one. Which is why what Hob and the other said really does not have anything to do with the fact that it is a broken mechanic or just a really, really illogical choice on the devs part. Why start or join a clan when it risk everything for you and your members, offers nothing to any of you and the fact that mic chat is broken and there is no in-game chat you are unable to communicate with them at all outside of going to psn chat which in a survival genre online game you cannot pause is just silly unless you go into a secure base every time you want to communicate with a member or just another player in general?

Actually, that is not true. If you want to play real life in a video game then I feel bad for you. But if you want to be accurate within a company or any agreement (signing up for a clan) there is what is called an agreement document overseen by a lawyer and also lays out the consequences. Even then the leader of a company (CEO/President),clan or whatever you would like to play pretend with has more control then those that are not of the same rank but still must give a list of consequences to what will happen if you join, which thank the gods for laws, you really can’t totally screw someone over unless you are doing something illegal which you would eventually be caught for or just lose your reputation over.

You are making it overly realistic (kinda but not really because you are cherry picking on the behalf of your argument). This is not real life, it is a video game with a broken or not thought out, useless mechanic. And if it was real life the simplicity you put behind it is silly and not at all realistic. Why are the fanboys so hard at accepting or grasping that the devs of a franchise,game and brand you care about and pay them for aren’t delivering and don’t give a crap about you (that’s real life) but when you pay money for a finished product up front, said product should be delivered as it was promised. I played Conan Exiles beta pc. I have played a lot of Funcom games enjoy Funcom as a company, I enjoy Conan as a series I enjoyed the work of Robert E Howard.

I also played AOC which had tons of bugs but devs actually responded and made drastic patch releases, as well as not releasing it on consoles and this was during a time where Beta testing to the public was rare without a key and early access with steam did not yet exist/fully exist yet.

But this is ridiculous and you making excuses for a company and it’s development team that charged you a full price for a product, is sad and counterintuitive, if anything you are enableing them and many other developers and companies to believe it is fine to screw over fans, customers because 'Hurr durr they might notice me if I crusade for them and shun anyone’s else that calls this company and it’s development team out, and though it’s true what they say I will rant and continue to crusade because, I simply can’t accept I got ripped off for a game I really believed in and followed from announcement oh, and everyone else is just whining when they post things I am unable to grasp on the forums…!"

Should we start having Conan lawyers and Conan Agreement documents now before joing a clan, because you know, that’s how real life works…?

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I agree that Clan ownership is overpower.

We MUST has a way of choose what we are deploying is AS CLAN or AS PRIVATE.
Going further, systems like Boxes, Vaults, Doors, any player should have ways to setup the access levels… like PRIVATE, CLAN MEMBERS, CLAN ADMIN, etc…

I lead my clan in 7 different PS4 servers, I believe close to 100 members summed, even for ME is uncomfortable the fact I can access 100% of my members properties… I bear 100% this complain, it should be a URGENTE matter.


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I agree, thank you for providing a response that is not just " You are all idiots it is your fault! You should know better, it’s like real life!"

Yes this is a video game but you play it with real people. Why do you feel bad for me when I interact with real people in a game? That’s an odd statement to make. I don’t trust a real live stranger with all my stuff but you do and get screwed and you feel bad for me? How odd.

I was saying that real relationships with real humans gets messy.

The rest of your post is just nonsensical ramblings.

Yes, anytime you deal with a stranger you should use caution and not just trust them with everything you own immediately. No, we do not need to crate a bunch of messages in the game to protect you if yo don’t understand that you are playing with real people who might not be nice.

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Also I spent $30 on this game or something like that. It’s entertained me for hundreds of hours. To me I’ve got my money’s worth, lol. It’s not even worth my time to try to get a refund of $30 even if I wanted to when I can just work an hour longer and get another $30.


That is the reason why people should think first in those games.
I think it works the same with any similar survival game?

As for myself… Well… I have issues with trusting anyone, so I usually end up not inviting people or not getting into a clan with others. On the other side I got to know some people and now got a clanmate - plus a few people who I got to know in other games.
I have seen lots of people asking for membership in clans, asking in global if some clan would be recruting. I got someone asking me once every few days and his last reaction seemed like “you still wont invite me?!..”. But actually… Why should I invite someone just because he likes our base? When all he is interested in is the question wether we started recruiting or not… Not asking about doing stuff together, no… Just the question if we will invite him. Not really charming.

I would be extremely cautious about joining up with others unless it wont mean anything to you to lose everything. Or about letting others join.

Thats a little harsh. And a little dumb, if you really think like that. Women usually lose/lost every inch of future when bearing and nurturing a child. What about the male part?
Often men can/could jerk around as much as they want, as women stay/stood dependend on them.
But I guess (or hope) you dont mean it like that. (As there should be rare situations where this kind of stuff gets exploited…)

This is something I completely agree with though!
But I have no idea if that would be possible?

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Real life people sold you an unfinished product at a finished product price point but you think that’s okay and that some how your argument makes sense.

Getting a bit off topic with the real life stuff there.

End of the day ‘warning message’ or no message the clan could still steal all your stuff. Would be best to ally your self with a clan first and do some dungeons and raids with them so you can tell what type of people they are before you give them the keys to your castle.

It could also work the other way around where as you could infiltrate a clan and once you become a memeber you could steal and destroy their base from within and then leave, which would make for some very interesting politics, think of eve online.

I think even when in a clan though you should try be able to still build your own loot boxes that are seperate from the clan. Pretty much every game that has guilds has a guild bank and then a private bank just accessible to the player and I don’t see why this game shouldn’t be different.


I was afraid of this mechanic. I wanted to guild up but I heard that if you do the guild (clan) then owns everything you have. What kind of dumb bull**** is that?

Funcom fix that sh*t too!!!


It should be - join a guild, and the clan’s master designates a clan stronghold (or is already working on one). Each member of the guild KEEPS THEIR OWN HOME/BASE AND PROPERTY. Guild access, dues, labors, “rights”, etc. are then worked out among the guild! (set by Guild Master obviously)

This is a common sense approach to a online multiplayer guild. Funcom, how did you f*ck this up?!?!

(You can even “flag” people that get kicked from Guilds for “not playing nice with others”. [the flags can even be tiered to represent if someone is guild kicked more than once] This would be a notifier to other guilds to use caution before recruiting this person [good way to keep lazy players, trolls out of guilds] Which could lead to flagged players joining up to make a guild of their own - Laughing Coffin-esque)


This is the exact reason I’ve turned down all of the clans that have tried to get me to join them on official. They need to upgrade the clan settings and dynamics.