Needs to be addressed. Don't mind the rant but issues stated in it

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Oceania]

Okay I am pissed. I have lost over 70+ hours of work due to a glitch/ lag for the short hand. Long hand a game element is involved. Let’s get started.

First I am playing on the official server #4316 PvP spent so long on a massive build up near Skyfall ridge and had some numpty by the name itachebr (psn and charter name as well) run up to me and do the asked to join clan bs. So I went and hit the no button context or at least I thought I did. But geussing lag had other plans(server has had some massive lag spikes for me as of late) to only find out as soon as I joined he with kicked me from the clan he made (akatsukibr). Now I have lost all my work. All thralls I have spent time tameing and leveling and everything. I honestly believe something should be in place to protect single players like myself and others I have seen this exact bit of griefing happened to. It should be if you get kick it stuff goes with you (that you have built before the clan ECT but if you choose to leave then the stuff stays with the clan) or some like that. As it’s infuriating and makes me just want to quit the game completely as I know he won’t get punished or anything.

Ideally I would like something don’t to fix it the issue or even restore my progress but I doubt that would happen at all.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: and tame everything for donkey years
2.get invited to then kicked from a clan as he then steal and distroy everything you built as he kills you and ransacs your place

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Yes, this needs to be fixed. It’s too easily abused and should not be like that.

That doesn’t mean it will get fixed soon. Since there’s an easy way to defend yourself from that, Funcom probably won’t give it a high priority.

The easy defense against this abuse is to create your own clan as soon as you create your character.


Rather not have myself in my own clan tho as I find clans get trageted way to much as they assume it’s many players rather then a solo guy. But yes it’s abused way to much and the 70plus hours I lost was a estmate. As I had been working on the build since before december

Or maybe Funcom could just fix it so it does not happen as it is another thing new players are unaware of until it happens to them, so many things in this game that will take all you have and not from a monster but from something not intended but cheaters use and Funcom allows by not fixing.

I do sorry I too think that work arounds are good but just so frustrated with all the bugs in game right now , its like every time you go in game something else pops up that is a bug and work arounds are great but its really time for Funcom to buckle down and fix these issues as many people are starting to walk away, I love to play but find myself not logging in as I know it will just be a rock that kills me or I will rubber band so bad cant play makes it hard to want to play the game so I haunt the forums and well that is a mistake, its filled with people unhappy with the bugs, just wish Funcom get off their butt and fix this game. The bugs they put out with each update is just horrid and unneeded QA is something I do not think they do at all or how do all these bugs get in. So am sorry I read all these issues others are having and no one even helps them from funcom for days if they even ever answer.


I’m just going to leave this here. For anyone else wondering how to not have this happen to them.

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Honest question: if you give your clan the exact same name as your character, can anyone even distinguish that you’re not a solo guy, now that the player list is anonymous?

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Wow this would drive me insane. I have lost a lot of work due to normal in game things that were extremely annoying. My main base in a PVE-C server decayed, I didn’t realize I had to go near the base itself. I had logged in at least 5-7 hours a day for the month but just was focused on farming at a satellite base for several days straight, thinking at the time all I had to do was log in for a while for all my buildings to be safe from decay. Did not know I had to actually go near every base I had built. Then when I finally went to my main, it was of coarse gone. Now that was entirely on me as I didn’t know the full rules on decay. But I was still extremely annoyed at the decay system as I was playing A LOT, but still lost my main base with ALL my stuff!
If what happened to you had happened to me while I was playing, I would’ve probably quit.
In any case this is why Im playing offline single player exclusively for now.
To lose all the work I do due to stupid pvp asshats with glitches and other shenanigans, or in PVE due to in game decay is beyond infuriating. I hate having elements like that dictate how and when I can play the game. I made peace with the state of both PVP and PVE, they are what they are, and am more than content to play offline now.
I like to play slowly and savor the game play and exploration at MY discretion. Honestly playing offline is not that different that PVE. I just have to play solo, which I prefer anyway. Meeting up with other players in PVE is kind of pointless as I dont really care to interact in my video games. I also get the entire map to myself without other players hoarding over huge sections of land and spamming thralls and building pieces that can block off certain spawns or obelisks etc.

Hope your able to bounce back somehow. I certainly had to make an effort to restart after my base decay in PVE-C.

@Badboywest665, total segue here, but “numpty” is/was a very common slang turn for any generally moronic ■■■■ minion in the Canadian Army. If you’re in Pac Rim (ANZAC) area then I’m guessing it was Commonwealth wide in usage. Semper Alacer.

Hello @Badboywest665, we’ve relayed your feedback to the team for further consideration as this mechanic can be easily used to prey on new or uninformed players, apologies for the frustration it has caused.


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